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Scientific Calculator Pro v15.0.2 (Paid) APK

Scientific Calculator Pro APK

Scientific Calculator Pro is the professional version of my scientific calculator. It includes symbolic algebra and is completely ad-free.

This scientific calculator offers a number of useful features allowing you to perform advanced calculations. Its simple and intuitive design makes it a pleasure to use. The calculator has all the functions one expects from a scientific calculator and a number of more advanced features including complex numbers and matrices.

Super fast algorithms allow scrolling and zooming of 2D and 3D graphics in real time using the touch screen.
Graph implicit equations in 2 and 3 dimensions. for example. x²+y²+z²=5².
Represent inequalities graphically in 2 dimensions. for example. 2x+5y<20.
Graphic functions of a complex variable.
Display up to 5 graphs on the same screen.
Active feature analysis for better graphical representation of 2D features with singularity points. for example. y=tan(x) or y=1/x.
Intersections on 2D graphics.

The calculator is customizable allowing you to change the screen background colors and all the individual buttons allowing you to customize its appearance.

Scientific Calculator Pro features include:

• Spherical and cylindrical polar charts.

• Basic mathematical operators addition subtraction multiplication division remainder and powers.

•conversion between decimal and surd answers.

• indices and roots.

• the logarithms base 10 e (natural logarithm) and n.

•trigonometric and hyperbolic functions and their inverses.

• Complex numbers can be entered and displayed in polar or component form.

• All valid functions work with complex numbers, including trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions when defined on radians.

•calculate the inverse determinant and transpose of a matrix.

• Matrices up to 10×10.

• LU decomposition.

•vector and scalar product.

• Digital integration.

• Double integrals and triple integrals.


• Second derivatives.

• Partial derivatives.

•Div grad and curl.

• Choose the priority (order of operations) for implicit multiplication:
2÷5π → 2÷(5×π)
2÷5π → 2÷5×π

• 26 scientific constants.

•12 mathematical constants.

• unit conversions.

• factorial combinations and permutations.

•double factorial.

• degrees minutes seconds radians and grads conversions.

• fractions and percentages.

•absolute function.

• Gamma function.

• Beta feature.

•Floor ceiling Heaviside functions sgn and rect.

• Equation solver.

• Regressions.

•Factorization of prime numbers.

• Base n conversions and logical functions.

• 10 previous calculations stored and re-editable.

•Last answer key (ANS) and five separate memories.

• Random number generators including normal and binomial fish as well as uniform distributions.

• Probability distribution calculator for geometric and binomial exponential Poisson normal distributions F chi-square.

•One- and two-variable statistical confidence intervals and chi-square tests.

• User definable decimal marker (point or comma).

• scientific or engineering automatic production.

•optional thousands separator. Choose between space or comma/period (depends on decimal mark).

• variable precision up to 15 significant digits.

• drop-down screen for entering and editing arbitrarily long calculations.

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