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Root Checker: with Terminal Emulator and SafetyNet v8.0.0 (Ad-Free) APK

Root Checker “Root Checker” “Busybox Checker” is an app that will help you to:
Verify Root Access ✓
Verify Busy-box Binary Installation ✓
Run a Safety-Net Test ✓
View lot of device information :Software , Supported sensors , General Info ✓
Access your Android’s built-in Linux command line shell ✓

Why to use our app?
Root Checker: with Terminal Emulator and Safety-net have the following features:

advanced root checker ✓
Checking root version,path and ADB version.

root checker ✓
A simple root checker app.

busybox checker ✓
verify busybox binary installation and version.

SafetyNet Test ✓
verify if your device bypass safety-net check.

superuser checker ✓
verfiy superuser installation.

superuser verifier ✓
check for superuser binary installation.

su tester ✓
Test su if working or not.

su verifier ✓
verify the su binary installation.

terminal emulator ✓
Execute terminal emulator commands.

execute shell commands ✓
Execute shell commands.

command console ✓
run command console on your device.

terminal ✓
Terminal Emulator.

root terminal ✓
run very useful root commands.

command prompt ✓
Access your android command prompt.

android version ✓
check for your device android version,sdk version name and sdk version.

cpu cores ✓
detailed description about your device cpu.

battery health ✓
detailed description about your device battery health.

sensor test ✓
check for the following sensors: fingerprint,hear rate,ethernet,gps,pressure,proximity,compass,gyroscope and much more.

display tester ✓
check your device display size,calculated diagonal inches and refresh rate.

Note: This app does not root your device, it check whether or not a device has root access and busy-box binary. It also provides helpful information about rooting , busy-box , Safety-net API.

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