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RGB Color Wallpaper Pro v1.5.1 (Paid) APK

Set a unique, minimalist and beautiful color wallpaper on your smartphone or tablet. Improve the look of your device, improve battery life, free up valuable memory and reduce eye strain.

You can choose from thousands of built-in colors: Basic colors (Red, Green, Blue, Magenta), Web colors (Hot Pink, Gold, Chocolate, Royal Blue, Misty Pink), Material Design colors (Deep Purple 900, Indigo 700 , Amber 100, Blue Gray 400), Werner’s Color Scheme (Snow White, Blackish Grey, Scottish Blue, Imperial Violet, Emerald Green) and thousands of other hand-picked colors.

You can also just drag 3 sliders to mix red, green and blue and create your own unique and beautiful color wallpaper. Or set your favorite custom color as your wallpaper, just by typing in a hex color code.

RGB Color Wallpaper Pro is an upgraded version of RGB Color Wallpaper. It does not display ads and does not require internet or any additional permissions.

RGB Color Wallpaper Pro remains extremely easy to use: just press a confirmation button and get instant results. And you can choose to set wallpaper on home screen, lock screen or both screens.

Congratulations, it’s your own unique and beautiful color wallpaper!


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