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Revo App Permission Manager v2.0.130 (Mod) APK

◉ Premium Features Unlocked

Revo App Permission Manager Mod APK

Revo App Permission Manager Easy and useful application to manage all the permissions used in the background on your smartphone. Always be aware of the permissions you grant access, and the information the app collects.

Free version


Lists installed apps according to their risk priority (high risk, medium risk, low risk, no risk)

– Search bar to find easily from the app
– A detailed description of the permission privileges to enjoy the app.
– Easily remove any risky permissions
– Sorting applications by high and low risk level
– Permissions Viewer: Easily filter apps by permission set / calendar categories, camera, contacts, location, microphone, SMS, storage, phone, sensors.
– Share the application

Pro version


Now Revo App Permission Manager Professional Edition provides more control over everything. Take a look and see the risky permissions you give to some apps without knowing.

– Allows applications to discover and pair Bluetooth devices
Allows apps to change Wi-Fi connection status
Allows applications to open network sockets
– Allows an application to modify global audio settings
– Allows applications to perform I / O operations via NFC
– Allows the companion app to run in the background
– Use of the device’s infrared transmitter is permitted, if available
– Allows the app to use device-supported biometric methods
– It allows access to the vibrator
– Purchase the Inn app and subscribe
– Allows an application to send SMS messages
– Allows an application to record audio
– Allows the app to initiate a phone call without going through the Dialer user interface for the user to confirm the call
– Get to the exact location


We know that your privacy and security is one of the most important things in terms of control and knowledge. Revo App Permission Manager gives you the ability to be on the lookout and have the power to take control without even knowing your most sensitive information, such as location, contacts, camera, and even microphone.

The main aim of the app permission is to protect Android user’s privacy. Android apps must request permission to access sensitive user data like contacts and SMS messages, as well as certain system features like camera and internet. Depending on the feature, the system may grant permission automatically or it may prompt the user to consent to the request.

Q: Why do I need a Revo permission manager?

A: It’s always a good idea to be aware of the permissions that apps on your Android device use in the background, especially if you don’t know their purpose.

Q: What kind of permissions can I run without my knowledge?

A: You might be surprised, but even sensitive permissions, such as access to camera, microphone, and location, can be enabled through another app without your consent.

Q: What are the real benefits of using Revo Permission Manager?

A: In the first place, the main goal of the app is to ensure your privacy. Suppose you don’t want to share your location for a certain period of time, but you are not sure if an app might be using it in the background without your knowledge. Here comes the real need for structured information about the type of permission at this particular time and which application.

Q: How can I get information about specific permissions?

A: Once you install Revo App Permission Manager and start the app, you will see all the risk categories in terms of high, medium or low potential risks. You can easily find the required application in the search field or you can have a look at all applications by risk categories. By selecting the app you are interested in, you can see all the information about the current permissions that the app is using and turn it off easily.

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