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Retouch – Remove Objects v1.103.4 (Pro) APK

Say goodbye to passers-by or unwanted objects in photos with AI Retouch – Remove Objects handheld app!

One tap to naturally remove unwanted objects logo people text imperfection watermark sticker… Retouch – Remove Objects is definitely your ultimate choice. An unwanted object, no matter how small, can completely ruin your photo. But with this super easy and fast photo eraser, all photos will be as clean as you want effortlessly.

✨ Key Features:
✓ Erase unwanted watermark text caption logo stickers…
✓ Remove background people or even the ex you took a picture with
✓ Remove acne pimple of skin blemishes to shine the real you
✓ Delete electrical wires or other wired objects
✓ Remove objects such as traffic lights, trash can, traffic sign
✓ Delete anything you think is ruining your photos with just one touch
✓ Clean up photos like a pro with a simple in-app tutorial

🔍 Handy tools only for editing:
• Use the brush to draw over unwanted objects
• Outline the object or area you want to remove with the Lasso Tool
• Try Eraser to optimize the brushed area and remove objects perfectly
• Adjust the brush size according to your editing needs
• Pinch-to-zoom interface helps you remove objects precisely
• AI processing tool to remove objects from photo quickly and smoothly
• Redo/Undo gives you a regret pill
• Before/After lets you check changes more clearly

How to use? 💡
① Select photo from gallery or camera
② Brush or outline unwanted objects
③ Use the eraser to optimize the brushed area
④ Click “Remove” to let Retouch show its magic
⑤ Save and Share Beautiful Photo Editing Artwork on Instagram WhatsApp…

🎉 Coming soon:
– AI mode: select and remove unwanted objects with one click thanks to AI detection
– Paste Photo: Copy and paste any area precisely with just one click
– Clone Object: Clone yourself or other objects to experience a fun clone effect

No need to find another Retouch app is your unique photo editor and object removal tool. Brush unwanted objects and remove objects from photo effectively with just one click. In addition to before/after eraser, redo/undo will be your ace assistant to help you remove objects in the most natural way. It’s finally time to show it to the world!

Now let Retouch – Remove Objects take your photo editing and object removal experience to the next level. No matter what mess up your photo, Retouch photo editor is always there to help you fix the blemishes. And we are committed to making it a better photo eraser. So if you have any problems or suggestions, feel free to contact us at photostudio.feedback@gmail.com


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