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RedStar TV v3 (Latest) APK

RedStar TV is an Android application streaming free Movies, Dramas, Comedies, Sports, Food & Travel, Health & Beauty, News, etc. Thus, it is one of the video content providing platforms without charging any fees from the users. If you like this category of apps, give it a try. But it only contains content from the Asian region. However, you will have enough varieties, genres and quantities to spend your time effectively. Now you don’t have to worry about the rising fees of video streaming platforms.

However, it is a bit different from the RedBox TV. Yet it has the same goal, which is to entertain the masses from a distance. So, get these two apps for free and watch your favorite movies, IPL matches and more.

Many of these platforms present their services in local and international languages. And each has specific content criteria as well as capabilities. Thus, users can get benefits from more than one at a time, depending on their interests. So none of them are perfect. Since many of us do not want to pay for this usage, so these platforms serve us individually. Before downloading RedStar TV Apk, read its features. It informs you not only about its standard, but also about what is present inside.
Red Star TV Features:

Free video streaming app

Get rid of all subscriptions, registrations, etc., using this free forum. You can simply log in using your Facebook account. Then decide what you want to watch here.

To watch movies

Few people will say they don’t watch movies. However, people of all ages enjoy watching different types of movies, series, news, etc. So you have no restrictions. Instead, you can find Drama, Comedy, Action, Romantic, and many other genres.

Stream Live Sports

Hundreds of sports and games are famous all over the world. If you don’t have the option to watch your beloved games on TV, the RedStar TV app offers a wide range of TV channels. Hence, watch IPL, cricket matches and other sports also on your smartphone.

food and travel

Do you want to know the popular dishes in your neighboring countries? Then explore that realm with RedStar TV.

Health beauty

This is an added advantage of this app. Since it ranked the content based on user interest, so they like it. Just click on this division and find out the trending beauty and health tips for free.


The news informs us of what is happening in our country and in others as well. For this, you can listen to national and international news channels on RedStar TV.

More Features

Unlimited online streaming.
A diverse collection of video content.
You can read jokes on the app.
Highly ranked content takes you straight to the videos you want.
You can create favorites lists.
Simple and ad-free user interface.
Functional in dark mode.


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