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Recover Deleted All Photos, Files And Contacts v10.07 (Pro) APK

Recover all deleted photos, files and contacts is the best recovery app to backup and restore photos, videos, contacts and documents. In this application, the duplicate removal function is also included. It can find duplicate photos, videos, audio files, and documents. In addition, it scans the internal and external memory of the phone. One is called “My Recovered”, where you can easily find the recovered data and delete it as well. The app backup feature has also been added to backup app data to storage. This app is available for free on the Play Store and the installation and setup process is easy to understand.

Application Features Restore all deleted photos, files and contacts

# Best free photo backup app
# You will be able to recover all deleted photos
#Android data recovery is possible
# Restore all apps
# Autosave in contact is also available
#Remove duplicate photos, video, audio, documents, etc.
# Your backup data is available in the registry
# Save your contacts in favorites list
#Provide device information (storage information)

How to use Recover All Deleted Photos, Files and Contacts app?

Well, the method is very easy to use this recovery app. First of all download this app from play store.

=> You can see that there are two types of tools available in the left menu: 1. Backup & Recovery and 2. Duplicate Remover. Other options are device info, more apps, remove ads, and app share.

=> The backup and recovery function has three subcategories: restore photos, backup APK files, and contacts. In the photo recovery option, you can see all the recoverable photos here. You can restore photos if you want to restore all photos, and there is an option to select all available photos. Select the photos to be recovered and click the “Recover” button. You can find the recovered photos in the “Recovered” tab. This option will come in handy when you unfortunately delete your photos and want to get them back.

=> Under APK Backup category, you can see all the apps installed there. Select one or more APK files and hit the Save button. You can see the APK file in the history section, as well as delete data and share the APK from there.

=> The third option is Contacts. In this option, you can back up the contact list manually or there is a toggle for automatic backup below. You can view your data in the My Backups section, as well as restore it. There is also a contact list feature, a keyboard, and an option to add a new contact. So you can use this app to contact anyone.

=> The second category Duplicate Remover helps you to find out what duplicate data is available in your phone storage and external storage. It includes duplicate data such as image, video, audio, and document removal tools. It first scans your device for duplicate data and the scanning time depends on the total number of files available in your storage. After scanning, it shows duplicate data, you can delete it as you like.
Download this app now and get your data back.


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