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Recent Notification History v1.2.7 (Premium) APK

Have you ever felt bored receiving so many notifications every day?
Have you ever received a notification and checked your smartphone, only to be disappointed to find that it was just full of trash?
Norg will solve these problems!
Let Norg control your notifications and give you a nicer notification environment!

• You will be alerted only of important notifications by sounds and vibrations.
• All other notifications will be automatically organized, leaving your notification area clean and efficient.
•You can always check the notifications you have already read, at any time.
• Since you won’t have to check your notifications so often, it will help improve your focus and also reduce smartphone addiction.

•Norg will manage all of your notification history (you can always go back and check them anytime).
• Unread notifications will be organized by app and displayed as a compact notification.
•You will be alerted only to important notifications by sounds and vibrations (will stay in your notification area).
• All other notifications will be silenced and logged by Norg (will not remain in your notification area).
• The notification icon will notify you of the number of unread notifications you have.
•Only your important notifications will remain, so your notification area will be kept clean and efficient.
• Flexible filtering options, by individual application, notification group and keyword.
• Although not normally possible, you can now hide the current notification display.
•Search function for past notifications.

[How to use]
• After installation, allow access to notifications. (at a minimum, this is the only parameter you need!)
• Check the notifications you receive with Norg. When you tap the notification, you can open your app like you always do.

[Practical use]
# Basic
After installing and allowing notification access, the initial setup is complete.
You can tell if you’re getting notifications by the icon in the status bar, so check the notification history log when you have time.

# Important Notice
Set only notifications that you need to check immediately as important notifications. (Some apps are set to important notifications by default).
The more important notifications you have set, the less effective they will be in cleaning up the notification area.

# Music apps
Music apps like Youtube Music and Spotify can save a lot of notifications in Norg because they show the media player in the notification area.
You can still use music apps by setting them as important notifications while also setting them as notifications to block.

# Notifications already read
All the notifications you checked can be viewed from the list of read notifications.
You can check them by date or by app, so you can easily look back and see your notifications later.

# Display settings for current notifications
You can change the settings for displaying current notifications, which normally cannot be removed from the notification field.
Use this option when you want to use a running service, but do not want to display the notification icon.
(Hiding ongoing notifications may reduce the stability of this service.)

[Paid Features]
– Removal of advertisements
– Extended functionality
– Read all button in notifications (you can read all notifications at once from notification box)
– Unlimited notification history log of read notifications (free version allows you to see 3 days of notifications)
– Dark theme

– Internet communications are used to display advertisements and to collect usage data such as outage information.
– The messages contained in the notifications are only saved in your device and are not collected.
– This app may interfere with other notification management apps, so try to avoid using it together.
– Some devices may not be able to mute notification sound and vibration.


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