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RE Equalizer 10-Band v1.6.2 (Paid) Apk

Developed by WiseSchematics, RE Equalizer reflects the design, performance and workflow of a powerful studio-quality equalizer in motion.

Integrated with advanced features such as Shunt Audio Engine (c) and Smart Interface (c), RE-EQ components use special filters that eliminate artifacts, noise and distortion associated with band interaction, and provide perfect curve and step filter responses. Finally, the built-in RE-EQ real-time analyzer allows you to compare the difference between the audio signal.

RE-EQ was primarily designed to achieve “ wide brush ” sound shaping effects, therefore equipped with fine controls to provide complete freedom for tuning and tuning the sound so that users get the mix and sound the way they want, which means spending less time on setup and more time on tuning.

Get Full Control Over Sound:

– Studio quality design and workflow
– Powered with Shunt audio engine and intelligent interface technologies
– 10 ISO faders with one band per octave
– Proportional filters “Q”
– 20 pre-designed presets built in with 5 custom presets
– Balance effect to adjust the volume of left / right channels
– Wide range of controls for quick fine-tuning and equalizer shaping
– Gain scaling options
– Bands Stepping, Mixing, Morphing, Shifting with multidirectional automation control
– 7 modes for drawing multiple shapes and forming curves
– Integrated threshold gate to replace the clipping signal
– Global BYPASS / REAL TIME switch
– Audio analyzer for real-time monitoring
– Available in stand-alone and connected version
– Detailed tutorial available for learning purposes

RE-EQ is available in 2 forms, Plugged and Standalone. Plugged Version comes with “Resound Methods”, an offline audio player for Android OS.

RE-EQ is also available as a free demo version, intended for testing and verification purposes, but may contain limited functionality and functionality.


For better compatibility and better integration with the device, please make sure that no other equalizers or random effects are running in the background.

If you encounter such problems, please follow the instructions below.

-Turn off or stop / disable any kind of built-in / external equalizers or audio effects (like “SoundAlive” etc. in Samsung devices) under application manager settings before using RE-EQ. These libraries can cause interference problems and can cancel or block each other.
-Always launch the target app first as a music player, then open RE-EQ.

For a detailed user guide, visit: http://shuntcorp.net/reeq.docs


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