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Rap Fame – Rap Music Studio with beats & vocal FX v2.95.1 (VIP Mod) APK

Do you like hip hop? Try to be a Rapper yourself.
Record, Promote and Share sounds with MILLIONS of fans on Rap Fame.

PRO recording studio

Get Auto Tune Vocal Effects and a Large Library of Instruments for FREE.
Pro sound with your phone in the latest Rap Studio.
Rappers use us to go to the Biggest Labels in the World !!

Hip Hop Community

Collaborate with Stars / Share Mixtapes / Win Prizes / Become Followed
Rap Fame is a network where passionate Hip Hop fans can come together and listen to authentic underground rap music.

Discover New Music

Discover a true Hip Hop talent and climb to the top of the Rap Game
Be part of the revolutionary Judges Sessions:
Prove Your Rap Knowledge and Discover New Sounds.

Are you a Beat Maker?

If you own the Beats / Beat Maker, put on some custom instrumentals!
You can Rapp on your Own Beats with a subscription.
If you’re a Beat Maker Pro, submit beats officially and you can do so for our official open beats collection.
Download Rap Fame and Win the Rap Game:


•Choose a Instrument from a rich collection of FREE Instruments.
!!! Get exclusive beats from the best beatmakers !!!
•Rap Recording Studio with Auto Tune, Balancer and Vocal Effects
•Find Rhymes for lyrics with a free rhyme search engine.
•Rap Profile. shows studio sounds, social links and stats.
•Top Charts. Dominate for more likes, plays and comments.
•HOT. Join the studio sounds, collaborations and videos.
•Rap competition. Weekly! Experience a boom and win cash prizes.
•Playlists. Create custom playlists and make an album
•Actu Live feed. Follow your favorites and discover new music.
•Hip Hop community. Live chat with friends and fans.
•Collaborate with crazy rappers in the rap app.
•Create Rap Clans or join an existing one
•Sharing of Sounds on Youtube, IG, FB, Twitter and other networks

Towards Glory

Become the next rap superstar with Rap Fame.
Loose rap in the Rap Studio with Auto Tune Vocal Effects on a rap instrument from a Pro beat maker

Record Hip Hop Now

Release Rap on Rap Fame in the Hip Hop Studio and Rap Easily.
Mix with the vocal effects of autotune, pendulum and more.
Want a real rap instrument made by a pro beat maker?
Try our huge library of free rap beats!


Advance in your rap game! With PREMIUM Vocal Effects from the Rap studio (with VIP subscription).
AutoTune. Improve your rap with Auto Tune! The app’s vocal auto tune corrects pitch and floating notes. Make your recording sublime. The Rap Studio and yours!
Sounds like Drake, Kanye or T Pain with autotune in the app.
Duo. Create a 2nd track with autotune vocal effects to adjust the pitch! Record Hip Hop Today!

Rap Fame Global!

Our Community has recorded and played over 2.5 million sounds. What are you waiting for?
Be part of the global trend of upcoming and renowned artists who Rapper on Rap Fame!

Pick up the Phone – Drop the Mic!


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