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QuickEdit Text Editor Pro v1.9.7 build 196 APK

QuickEdit Pro MOD APK is a fast, stable, and fully functional text editor for Android. It is optimized for both phones and tablets!


– Improves the notepad application with many functions.
– Code editor and syntax highlighting for more than 50 different programming languages.
– High performance and real-time reaction on large text files (over 10,000 lines).
– Show and hide line numbers
– Undo and redo changes without limit.
– Show, increase and decrease indentations.
– Quick selection and editing.
– Smooth scrolling both vertically and horizontally.
– Go directly to the specified line number.
– Quick find and replace
– Easy entry of text color.
– Automatically detect character encoding.
– Possibility to modify the type of text encoding.
– Opens files from recently opened and new additions.
– FTP, FTPS, SFTP; Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive.
– Support light and dark themes.
– Optimized for both phones and tablets!

QuickEdit text editor includes a lot of optimizations coming from user experience, speed and feedback is much more efficient than text editor apps published on Google Play. You can use it as a text editor or a code editor for text files and programming files.

● No LP / GPM Needed
● LVL Removed
● Firebase Analytics Removed
● Firebase Crashlytics Removed
● Firebase Removed
● DataTransport Removed
● Google Measurement Removed
● Added Intent for JSON files
● Added JSON in Syntax List
● Compression Flags Untouched
● No Third Party Patch
● No Additional Component
● Dex File Size Reduction Rate: 46%
● Size: 3.9 MB

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