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Quick Pronunciation v2.2.9 (Unlocked) APK

Download now and start improving your pronunciation!
Speak with more confidence and impress your boss, coworkers, clients, tourists and everyone!

Speaking foreign words can be tricky work.
There are several irregular words and some of them are just impossible to guess.

The fast pronunciation has come to save you precious time when learning a foreign language.
Write any word in the box and your phone will speak it for you! In a second!
No distractions, no complicated interface, easy access to the last few words or grab the entire list with just one tap.

Very useful for language teachers and students who need to check the pronunciation of a word while on the go.

Don’t be fooled by its simple look!
The fast pronunciation can pronounce even the most complex medical terms, biblical words, botanical names, huge numbers and much more =)

Languages ​​available:

◾️ English US / UK
◾️ spanish
◾️ German
◾️ French
◾️ Russian
◾️ Hindi
◾️ Korean
◾️ Greek
Write a comment to request new languages!

✔️ No ads
✔️ Listen to any word instantly
✔️Minimal battery usage
✔️ Very small application size
✔️ Dark / light themes
✔️Long click on the flag icon to select other languages
✔️ Easy access to recent entries
✔️ Internet connection not required (uses native text-to-speech functionality)

Developed by Tiago Colombo

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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