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Quantum Flare Intelligent Firewall & Security v1.1.2 (Premium) APK

NY Times: “Most Comprehensive in Tracker Blocking”
Online Finance: Rising Star Award 2019 | Premium Usability Pricing 2019

Block apps EASILY with Quantum Flare!

Quantum Flare helps you take back control of your devices. Easily monitor data usage, internet connections and WiFi usage in real time. View and control which apps are slowing down your device or wasting your mobile data. Install it now and see what your device actually does.

⭐ Key features of Quantum Flare

– 1 MINUTE INSTALLATION https://cybxsecurity.com/quantum-flare/#install ”
– Android firewall: use automatic configuration to block and ban all known unnecessary apps and connections
– Control every app and background app using the built-in VPN to block / allow access to Wi-Fi and mobile data
– Save up to 50% of your mobile data!
– See a live view of current connections to your device and automatically block all apps / trackers (or manually via Sentinel)
– Receive instant notification when an app tries to connect to the internet and block it before using any data
– Get notified when an app tries to use / modify another app and block the action instantly
– Get daily automatic updates of malware definitions and malware trackers / sites
– Speed ​​up your device by turning off the battery and unnecessary background apps
– Block apps globally or choose to block by location (country)

✔ Works perfectly with all network providers

No matter which company you use for your mobile data or calling plan, Quantum Flare works flawlessly.

We know there are a lot of choices when it comes to firewalls for Android devices, and we know it can be confusing. We wanted to differentiate our application from our competitors. Our features are unique to Quantum Flare, and our continued mission is to provide the best privacy and security controls for every user. You need to choose your Android firewall carefully, and we hope that once you try our free firewall and security suite, you will trust us. We believe there is no better protection and we believe so can you.

➕ More features

– Anti-phishing and anti-ransomware protection
Quantum Flare protects you from apps that steal login credentials and credit card details.

– Faster, safer and better navigation
By blocking unnecessary apps and traffic, you will see a dramatic improvement in your device’s performance whether you are watching videos, playing games, or just surfing websites.

– Free Forever Features
Yes! We offer a “ free forever ” option, with a standard firewall and real-time monitoring of background activities. *** Paid version allows advanced features for visibility, control and protection, such as anti-phishing, internet block by app, device manufacturer and system app control, GeoIP, protections advanced firewalls and custom settings management. There will also never be any advertisements displayed in our app!

– When we say confidentiality, we mean confidentiality
You can install various data monitoring apps, such as Wireshark, and see Quantum Flare do exactly what it says, protecting your device and ensuring your privacy at all times.

Our promise to YOU:

🚫 We do not follow or monitor you.
🚫 We do not sell to advertisers or data brokers.


Premium Unlocked


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