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Option Strategy Builder & Analytics v1.0.84 (PRO Unlocked) APK

What’s inside?

• 45+ Option Tools – Widest Future & Option Analytics tools available in the country
• 30+ FREE Future & Options Tools (what you pay for elsewhere, we have 4 times of that, yet FREE)
•4 Proprietary Option algorithms
• 200 Hours of FREE Learning Videos
• Trusted by 5,00,000+ Option Traders for their Option Trading Analytics
•Built by well known Industry Experts with over 20 years experience
• Exchanges covered: NSE, India


• Option Strategy Builder
• Option Chain (Nifty option chain, Bank Nifty option chain, Nse option chain for stocks)
•Advanced Option chain What If Analysis
• Option Strategy Back-testing
• Option Charts, Strategy Charts, Greeks Charts (Delta, Theta, Vega, Gamma, IV), Futures Charts
•Optimize strategy from over 200mn. combinations
• Implied Volatility Charts
• Futures Pair Trading
•Option Movers & News
• Futures & Options Built-up
• Open Interest Analytics
•IV Rank & IV Percentile with historical data
• Derivatives built-up cycle
• Straddle Index & Straddle charts
•Option Scanner
• Option Pain
• Option Gain

•Option Triggers
• Put Call Ratio
• Option Writer Trap Indicator
•Futures Rollover with historical data
• Seasonality Analysis
• Stock Options Analysis
•Stocks in Ban
• Future Option Gainers & Losers
• FII & DII data
•Span Calculator
• Option Calculator
• Stop Loss & Target finder
•Advance Decline with Historical data
• India VIX
• Market News
•Result Calendar
• Result Analysis – Backtest stock return on results with historical data
• Basis – Difference between Cash & Future for Stock & Indices
•Index Contributor for Nifty, Banknifty & Finnifty
• Circulars
• SGX Nifty
•Liquidity Finder
• Block Deals
• Holiday Calendar
•Option Learning Articles
and much more


• 40+ Strategies: Call Option, Put Option, Multi leg Option strategies, etc.
• Trading Events
•Free Webinars
• Learning Articles by our CEO – Mr.Shubham Agarwal
• Demo Videos
•On-Call Demo

Option Strategies

Long Call, Short Put, Bull Call Spread, Bull Put Spread, Bear Call Ladder, Bull Call Ladder, Call Ratio Back spread, Ratio Call Spread, Long Call Butterfly, Long Put, Short Call, Bear Call Spread, Bear Put Spread, Bear Put Ladder, Bull Put Ladder, Put Ratio Back spread, Ratio Put Spread, Long Put Butterfly, Guts, Straddle, Strangle, Strap, Strip, Short Call Butterfly, Short Call Condor, Short Iron Butterfly, Short Put Butterfly, Short Put Condor, Calendar Call, Calendar Put, Diagonal Call, Diagonal Put, Short Guts, Short Straddle etc.

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