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Pure Browser Pro v2.7.3 (Patched) APK

More features in the Pro version:

1.Multi-threaded downloader for faster download speed
2.best video downloader, support m3u8 video download, support facebook and instagram video download
3.Built-in video player, supporting most video formats
4.Custom JavaScript support (not support fat fork)
5.Improved night mode, supporting webpage dark mode on some phones
6.support voice search on some phones
7.Show website icon in speed dial

Pure Browser is a small, fast and lightweight browser with a powerful ad blocker, video downloader and video player, especially useful for phones of Android users which have lower specs and less storage space.

Pure Browser does not support YouTube video sites or video downloads from copyrighted sites.

main Features

Tiny size
Ad blocker
video downloader
Video player
Incognito navigation and night mode
QR-Code scanner
Offline web pages and save PDF
Bookmarks and history
Search within the page
Various colorful themes

★ Minimalist and super fast
Only 5M in size, takes less resources, is light and very fast.
★ Security and confidentiality
Does not collect user data, protects the security and privacy of your data.
★ Ad blocker
Powerful ad blocking feature that automatically filters ad content and push notifications while browsing. It helps you to block most unwanted ads.
★ Video download
Powerful video downloading capabilities to help you download most website videos easily.
★ Private browsing mode
Browse web pages in privacy mode without leaving any history, completely protecting your privacy.
★ Night mode
Protect your eyes with a unique night browsing mode when browsing a webpage in low light.
★ More features
QR-Code, Save page, Text only, Screenshot, Full screen, Find in page, Translate page, Import / export bookmarks

Help us improve our products:
If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me by email pureminibrowser@gmail.com or telegram https://t.me/PureBrowser, I will do my best to solve all the problems for you.


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