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Prismify – perfect sync for Philips Hue & Spotify v4.2.0 (Premium) APK

Prismify aims to give you the perfect synchronization between the track being played by Spotify and your Philips Hue lights.

What makes Prismify unique is that the app uses and combines the possibilities offered by Philips Hue’s “leisure spaces” with the ultra-detailed analysis of the song played by Spotify.

This allows Prismify to obtain, under perfect conditions, the perfect sync, in addition to many other things.
The illumination of Prismify is deterministic, there is no place for chance.
The new functionality added with version 2.0 allows you to customize the different parts of a song as well as save that customization, so that the next time the song in question is played, your personalized settings will automatically apply to the song. lighting.

You need three things for this:

– the Spotify app installed on the same device as Prismify
– Philips color lamps with a v2 bridge and a previously created leisure area
– be connected to the Internet

Then log into Spotify, select your hobby area and hit “Play”!

You can also:

– choose from multiple color palettes (only three in the free version) (there is a palette that will always match the cover of the song being played)
– create your own palettes, from your imagination or from the cover of the song
– choose the order of illumination of the lamps
– adjust brightness and flashes
– choose when all the lamps should play a sound
– filter certain sounds according to their intensity, their length
– assign certain sounds to certain lamps (for example, all C, C # on the lightstrip)
– …

Note that while most of the settings stated above are reserved for premium users, there are no specific limitations in the free version. That is to say that it is completely usable with all your lamps, without time limit, … On the other hand, the default settings may not suit all tastes and all music.

Another “cool” thing to note is that you can enjoy the lighting provided by Prismify even if it is not the Spotify app on your mobile that is currently playing the music. The only need in this case is for it to be the same account used for both Spotify apps. But be aware that in this case it may happen that the two Spotify apps are not perfectly in sync resulting in a slight lag (which can range from a few milliseconds to a second and can be corrected with the setting for the time limit).

Either way, I hope you enjoy Prismify!


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