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Positional: GPS and Tools v161 (Pro) APK

Positional is a location-based app that uses the phone’s GPS hardware and retrieves various details of the current latitude and longitude data such as altitude, speed, address and other similar information and displays it in an easily understandable format to the user. In addition to this main feature of being a location app, Positional also provides a separate panel for Compass, Level, Course and Clock and they serve their purpose as the name suggests.

The compass provides direction information using the geomagnetic field, the watch retrieves time information based on your current location, time zone and also sun information such as sunset, sunrise, twilight and many other information while the level it can be used to obtain simple detour information and for many other purposes. Trail can be used to mark locations on the map and create a travelogue anywhere on the map using many contextual icons.

In addition to all the basic functionality, Positional is a highly refined app and provides another level of very carefully handcrafted minimal design that organizes every information in a very pleasing way with amazing and beautiful physical animations and continues to do what a location app should do.

Positional’s app interface is completely customized independently from native APIs and everything is created completely from scratch to give the app a unique design structure and add many features without using too much device memory, making the whole app very light.

What does this app have –
• Easy to use
• Smooth, with fluid animations
• Minimal user interface
• Many accent colors
• Customizable with various options to choose from
• Magnetic compass
• Compass sensor speed
• Properties of compass physics
• Flowering of the bush
• Gimbal lock
• Minimal map (with and without labels)
• Dark mode for maps
• High contrast map
• Satellite map
• Many styles of pins for the whole app
• Support of multimedia keys for the map
• GPS information
• Speedometer
• Altitude
• Distance
• Displacement
• Address of the current position
• Formatting of UTM, MGRS coordinates
• Support for DMS coordinates
• Direction of movement
• Clock

• Types of watch movement (both linear and induced by inertia)
• Clock needle styles
• Support for custom time zone
• UTC and Local Time references
• Position / position of the sun
• Solar azimuth
• Distance of the Sun and Altitude of the Sun
• Time of sunset and sunrise
• Astronomical, nautical, civil twilight
• Lunar position / position
• Time of the rising and setting of the moon
• Lunar altitude
• Phases of the moon
• Angle and Fraction of the Moon
• Lunar states (Waning and Ascending)
• Upcoming lunar dates, ie New Moon, Full Moon, Third and First Quarter
• Illumination of the moon
• Dark mode
• Level
• Custom location mode to manually retrieve information from anywhere in the world
• Solar time widget
• Solar time widget with art
• Phases of the moon
• Signpost
• Travel diary based on marked trails
• Completely ad-free

What this app doesn’t do –
• Does not find nearby places
• Does not show any advertisements to the user
• Does not collect sensitive information
• All calculations are performed exclusively within the app, no location data is sent to any type of server

• GPS sensor working with low latency
• Gravity of work and magnetic sensor (calibrated)
• Working Internet connection to upload maps and other data

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