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Pomodoro Timer Clock v6.1.0 (Full Version) APK

This minimalist and beautiful Pomodoro timer clock will help you focus better. The Pomodoro timer includes a stopwatch and a Pomodoro timer. And The Pomodoro timer clock provides shortcut setting inputs of 15 minutes 30 minutes and 45 minutes for a quick start. The Pomodoro timer also provides many types of white noise to help you stay focused and make things easier. Based on the Pomodoro technique, set an execution time for the task, focus on the task until the end of time, the harvest is not only efficiency, but also the feeling of unexpected accomplishment. The detail specifications including:

⭐ World clock

The Pomodoro timer clock features a world clock of over 300 cities.

⭐ Stopwatch

Stopwatch with lap function.

⭐ Pomodoro timer shortcut setting inputs

Shortcut setting inputs for quick start, provide shortcut setting inputs of 15 minutes 30 minutes and 45 minutes.

⭐ Many types of white noise

Pomodoro timer includes many types of white noise including: floating boat, ticking clock, reading coffee, summer cuckoo, campfire, thunderstorm, spring birds, summer beach, water that sinks, etc.

⭐ Pomodoro Timer immersion mode

Immersion mode for the timer: enter full screen and display the timer only to help you concentrate better

⭐ Dark mode

You can choose the dark theme or the light theme as you want. Both modes are very beautiful.

⭐ Custom theme colors

Pomodoro Timer Clock has five different colors for the theme. You can choose the style you like.

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