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Poker Solver+ – GTO Lookup For No Limit Holdem v1.4.6.90 (Pro) APK

Your personal GTO postflop finder and poker engine AI solver in your pocket. No need to build complex trees and then buy grunty supercomputers to run postflop solutions. We have done all the hard work and make it accessible with just a few clicks on your mobile phone. Simply choose a location, enter your hole cards, the tableau and voila! You can see the GTO line for all possible turns and rivers with exact frequencies and VEs.

Poker Solver+ combines pre-flop ranges and postflop solutions to give you the most intuitive and holistic end-to-end solution. It literally takes seconds to access your solution. 6-max cash and MTT for different stack sizes solved and ready to view. Don’t miss it now!

Some of the features included but not limited to are
– intuitive range viewer for all pre-flop spots
– possibility to enter any flop, any turn and any river
– can enter different lines to see how GTO frequencies change
– see exact frequencies and EVs

More spots and solutions added all the time. Download now. Please note that this is not an RTA and should not be used for real-time assistance with poker decisions at the table. As it is against the TOS of many poker sites to use an RTA (Real Time Assistance) tool.


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