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Plants Research Pro v1.14 APK

The Plants Research app is a portable and highly organized library of knowledge about plants and their bioactive properties. It includes both medicinal and general utility plants, and the library itself is integrated with our powerful recipe generator, which allows users to create new and exciting health recipes. Our scientists scan hundreds of journals for published scientific articles on plants, which we evaluate, review and then include in the app. On top of that, our lab is always working on new recipes that we offer in the app.

While there are a few services that cater for this purpose, we believe they are all inadequate. Scientific research, and in particular research on plants which may be directly useful or relevant to the public, is first reported in scientific journals, in conference proceedings or to a small audience. These early reports are usually a dozen pages long, contain very technical language, and are generally difficult to find. This problem is partly mitigated by the mainstream media which then produces a type of secondary report – a highly translated version of research that does not contain any technical language, but usually spans a few pages. A secondary problem with this long articulation is that these reports are spread over a large area of ​​the internet, are difficult to follow, and usually get lost over time, leaving only a small number of people who can still remember what is happening. ‘they have. I read a few months later. The Plants Research app was designed to solve these problems.

First, we research articles that we believe should be of use to the general public (whether for medicinal or other purposes) and we write small reviews that provide clues to the results. Second, we keep the length of the articles as short as possible, so that one person can get the key information with the least amount of effort. Third, we keep everything in one place – in our app’s database, and we allow users to create highly organized structures, recipes and item lists so that they can get very useful information very quickly. Fourth, we use both technical language and plain language, so that the application is suitable for both experts and general public. And fifth, we don’t rely on constant internet access to deliver content, which means our app is useful for outdoor people, campers, and off-grid enthusiasts. All information is sent via updates through Google Play, which means that when the app is updated, everything you need is stored in your device! That said, we also offer some internet support features, such as quick access to the original article or quick Google searches in many areas of the app.

Finally, we are also selective about the research we follow. Whenever possible, we try to select items which may be of direct practical use. To this end, we look at research that studies many different herbal remedies, such as those that act as natural antimicrobials, antibacterials, antivirals, antifungals, and more. we are looking at herbal remedies that can help detoxify the body of heavy metals; we are looking at medicinal plants that can be useful in aquaculture, agriculture, horticulture, cooking, food preservation, etc. we are looking at herbal remedies that may offer improved athletic performance, exercise support, or muscle recovery activity; and we also review all articles in general, from any other field, that you might be interested in. In this sense, our app is like an ever expanding plant knowledge manual, and everything is easily accessible.

All in all, this app should be useful for anyone who loves plants. This would include naturalists, survivors, health enthusiasts, bodybuilders, athletes, outdoorsmen, off-grid enthusiasts, cooks, chefs, agronomists, farmers, plant scientists and many other groups. Enjoy!

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