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Plant Lens – Plant & Flower Identification v1.48 (Mod) (Premium) APK

Have you ever wondered the name of the flower on the way home? Simply take a photo of the plant you’ve found in the wild, at the garden store, or wherever you are, anywhere in the world, and Plant Lens will tell you which plant it is in seconds.

Even the most experienced botanists will not recognize every plant they encounter. Plant Lens is able to identify 60,000+ plant species with 92% accuracy, better than most botanists. And the more visual information you give Plant Lens about the plant you are observing, the more accurate the identification will be. With our machine learning algorithm, Plant Lens continuously learns and improves.

Plant Lens is available to download for FREE!


Identify different plants with pictures, over 60,000 species.
🌺Track all the plants, trees and flowers in your personal collection.
🌿 Your photos appearing on the map create a plant map.
Explore the world of installation with a username and mobile

Try to capture a free plant, flower or tree and instantly recognize your photos with our constantly growing algorithm. The names of the plants, their locations and more fascinating information about the world around them are now free!

Use a vegetable lens to
🌸 Flower identification🌸
“Identify the trees”
“Identify the leaves”
“Washroom identification”
Identify succulents, cacti and more

With its interest in nature, Plant Lens helps you explore more details about plants. Whether you are a gardener, plant lover, backpacker kids, or teacher, Plant Lens is a great helper and identifier.

Download and get closer to the plant world. Plant Lens allows you to easily identify the plant species found in nature.

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