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PixelLab – Text on pictures v2.0.7 Mod (Unlocked) APK

Pixel Lab Photo Editor: Adding stylish text, 3D text, shapes, stickers and designs on your photo has never been easier. With a clean and simple interface that lets you focus on whatever you’re doing, a wide selection of presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds, over 60 unique options that you can customize, and of course your imagination, you’ll be able to create stunning graphics and wow your friends right from your phone or tablet.

If you want to see the app in action, here’s a YouTube playlist that has some tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLj6ns9dBMhBL3jmB27sNEd5nTpDkWoEET


Text: add and customize as many text objects as you want…
3D text: create 3D texts and overlay them on your images, or have them stand alone in a cool poster…
Text effects: make your text stand out with dozens of text effects such as: Shadow, Inner shadow, Outline, Background, Reflection, Emboss, Mask, 3d text…
Text Color: Set your text to any fill option you want, whether it’s a single color, linear gradient, radial gradient, or image texture.
And Text Font: Choose from over 100 hand-selected fonts. Or use your own fonts!
Stickers: add and customize as many stickers, emojis, shapes, as you want…
Import images: add your own images from the gallery. This can come in handy when you have your own stickers or want to composite two images…

Draw: Choose a pen size, color, then draw whatever you want. after that, the drawing acts as a shape and you can resize it, rotate it, add a shadow to it…
change the background: with the possibility of making it: a color, a gradient or an image.
Save as Project: You can save anything you do as a project. It will be available even after closing the application!
Remove background: Whether it’s a green screen, blue screen or just a white background behind an object in an image you found on Google images; PixelLab can make it transparent for you.
Modify image perspective: you can now modify the perspective (warp). Convenient for replacing the content of a monitor, changing the text of a road sign, adding logos to enclosures…
Image effects: improve the look of your photos by applying some of the available effects, including vignette, stripes, tint, saturation…
Export your image: save or share in the format or resolution of your choice. For easy access, you can use the quick share buttons to share the image on social media apps with a single click (ex: facebook, twitter, instagram…)

Create memes: Using the provided meme preset, you can easily prepare your memes for sharing in seconds.
Browse the quotes and insert whatever you want into what you create!

If you have a suggestion, question or want to report a bug, please use the feedback function provided or contact me directly via email…

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