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Pipefitter Tools v2.7.7 (Unlocked) APK

The Pipefitter Tools app is a construction calculator for the piping industry. A great asset for piping specialists, welders, plumbers, engineers, foremen and anyone else looking for a better way to do a job you love. The easy to use and navigate interface provides access to simple and complex calculations, ideal for novice pipe installers as well as advanced pipe installers. The Pipefitter Tools app contains cutting edge information on materials like stainless steel, carbon, copper, HDPE, PVC, etc. which includes a large database of piping diagrams. More information on fittings, flanges, nuts and bolts.

The app includes:
Resource book: abbreviations, definitions, installation data, pipe data, flange data, pipe thread data, specification information, specifications and material list.
Calculators: Basic calculator with installation abbreviations, unit conversions, engineering calculations, tube weight calculator, tube pitch, and sheet metal calculations.

The Pipefitter Tools app also contains resources for the piping industry and includes:

Abbreviations and definitions for other occupations such as electrical, HVAC, mechanical engineering, factory workers, oil and gas, piping and plumbing, structural engineers and welders. You can find a large database of information in the reuse section of the app.

All users have full access to:
– Full access to the resource book
– Full access to all tube calculators and all new apps added to the calculators screen.
Calculators include:
– Pipe fittings for butt weld fittings
– Secondary / fish accounts with the possibility of printing models
– Pipes Miter pipes
– Dummy tube / trunnion support calculations
– Advanced compound offset calculations (total 100 different pipe configurations)

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