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Picture Insect Bug Identifier v2.8.2 Premium APK

Don’t know the name of an insect? Just point your phone’s camera at an insect and the discovery begins with the Picture Insect app.

Explore the wonderful world of insects in the blink of an eye. When you want to know what this insect is, find out the classification of a spider, find out more about a butterfly, the Picture Insect Bug Identifier application is a real window on the planet of insects.

It is an all-in-one spider, butterfly and insect identification tool. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, you just need to take a photo of the insect you want to identify and you will get loads of information about it.

Picture Insect is a window to better understand the wonderful world of insects. It can automatically identify more than 4000 species of insects. Our team has strived to develop the most accurate and convenient tool in image recognition and has already been used by over 30,000,000 users worldwide.

Main features:
– Instantly identify over 4000 species of insects
– 95% identification accuracy rate
– Rich source of learning about insects
– Intuitive interface with user-friendly tips
– Keep track of identified species in your personal collection


– Fast and precise insect identification results.
We instantly identify insects with a 95% accuracy rate.

– More than 4000 species of insects in our database.
Whether you need to identify an ant, butterfly, beetle, moth, bee, or any other insect you find inside and outside your home, the Picture Insect Bug Identifier app is the tool par excellence of image recognition for insects.

– Classification of insects
Picture Insect Bug Identifier app gives you detailed information about insects. Learn about the structure of an insect, how it looks, how it evolved, what species it is possible to confuse it with, its characteristics and much more.

– ♂️Get answers to questions that concern you.
Picture Insect Bug Identifier app, together with experts, answers the questions people often have when it comes to insect identification. What does a blue morpho butterfly eat? What is the lifespan of an insect? And What are the enemies of this spider? Is this insect dangerous for humans? You ask the question and the experts at Picture Insect Bug Identifier answer it.

– Keep track of identified insects in your personal collection.
Insect identification sheets are kept in the personal collection.

So the next time you go camping and see a beautiful butterfly that you want to identify, take a photo and let us do the identification work. Before you have time to say “Picture Insect”, we’ll already have precise results and answers to your questions about its identification.

The Picture Insect Bug Identifier application is ready to be installed.
We identify all insects:
Big or small
and those who crawl

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