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PhotoPills v1.8.2 (Paid) APK

* PhotoPills: Imagine, plan and trigger!

Find out how to precisely plan, in seconds, to take the shot you have in mind, no matter where that landscape is.

Whether you’re an experienced photographer, professional filmmaker, or a complete newbie, PhotoPills will make you enjoy designing, planning, and taking great photos.

– Imagine: the sun – or the moon, or the milky way – right where it is in the image of your dreams … under this natural arch, exactly in the axis of this avenue or just at the top of your favorite mountain.

– Plan: Easily calculate, even without leaving your home, the exact day and time when you can take that photo that you have carefully designed. If that’s not feasible, PhotoPills will tell you that too. No disappointment, no wasted time.

– Trigger: Make an appointment with your dream at the defined moment and fully enjoy the unique moment when it will turn into an image.

* PhotoPills has everything planned for:

Plan on map – Manage different projects – Manage your list of places – discover 10,500 places of interest – Predict where the sun, moon, shadows will be in relation to obstacles – Determine the time of sunrise and sunset or the moon, dawn, dusk, golden hour or blue hour – Augmented Reality (AR) in 3D: sun, moon, milky way, celestial equator, polar star, circumpolar – Sunrise / sunset calendar – Choose the best phase of the moon or the date of the super-moon – Perigee, apogee – Precisely calculate a timelapse, a star trail or their absence of movement, calculate the long exposures – Define the depth of field (PdC) and all the associated parameters – Create your own PdC and hyperfocal table – Calculate the field of view and the distance of the subject without being on the spot – With in addition a complete user manual and much more…

* Just be precise

Set the optimum framing before shooting. Use 3D augmented reality visualization to see if the sun, moon, celestial equator, polar star, or milky way will be in the desired position when shooting.
** NOTE: The Augmented Reality views in this app make use of your device’s compass. Some devices may not have a compass.

• Discover new places and create your own database

If you find a place you want to remember, save it as a point of interest in PhotoPills. Add photos and notes. Discover more than 10,500 places of photographic interest on all continents pre-registered on PhotoPills.

* Work as a team

Export your projects and shooting locations by email. Invite your friends to come join you. Using their own PhotoPills, your friends will be able to import and analyze the project you have developed.

* Share your creations

Show your ideas to your friends, family or everyone. Share your photographic projects, your secret places and all kinds of calculations on Facebook and Twitter.

* Creativity is yours, we geeks take care of the calculations.

Calculate the position of the sun and the moon – timelapse parameters – long exposure – star trail simulations – optimal exposure time to freeze the stars – parameters for the desired depth of field – choice of optics and subject distance for the desired framing …

* PhotoPills, professionals love

“Essential! Allows you to quickly plan the shots we have imagined ”- José B. Ruiz, Wildlife Photographer of the Year.
“An irreplaceable tool that I use to plan each of my photos” ”- Mark Gee, Astronomy Photographer of the Year.
“You need it! It’s The all-in-one solution. To test absolutely. »- J.A. Hervas, Timelapse pro.

What are you waiting for? With PhotoPills you will create truly unique images.

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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