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Phone Cleaner & Booster v73.0 Pro Mod APK

Salute the new enhanced junk file cleaner app which has gathered all the required functions. Also, there is an improvement in the design and interface

Download this powerful ram cleaner and you can ensure longer battery life, good tool speed, efficient android cleaner and android fix, thus your phone will work properly thanks to the software utility. Our simple software tools will make your life easier! All of these utilities are completely free!

Longer battery life
If you notice your phone overheating or charging dropping quickly, don’t panic! With this Android cleaner, you can improve the tool. Go to settings and click on “CPU Cooler” and use a large capacity cooler. If you start to monitor the status of the battery, the gadget will work much longer. Android Repair System has never been so versatile!

“Clean the trash”
When we delete apps, we forget that the cache remains in the memory. With this powerful Android cleaner, you can easily clean the app or game cache and remove unnecessary apps in the future instantly.

🗂 Amazing Ram Cleaner
If you don’t have enough memory space after deleting apps, don’t worry! This situation is easy to solve if you have our app. Just use this function

“Speed ​​up the phone in one click”
Why do you need to use an Android app to repair the system? If several gadget programs are open at the same time, they start to work slowly. By using a powerful booster, you can get rid of these bugs.

Due to the fact that the powerful booster has been updated, it has simple settings, even those who have never used a booster or a game accelerator will easily understand everything. You just need to select the option you want like clear cache/clean recycle bin, cool phone, optimize phone with boost, clean phone comfortably, smart charging or any other android utility.

If you are not satisfied with the phone and are looking for a replacement, don’t rush! Let’s deal with it. The phone is overheating and you don’t know how to cool the phone? Can’t open games and apps? Are you constantly cleaning the phone but the memory is always full?

Our optimizer has become popular thanks to its great usefulness in many situations

🤖 Download a new optimizer with great possibilities to restore your gadget!


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