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Periodic Table 2021. Chemistry in your pocket v7.7.0 (Pro Mod) APK

The best Mendeleev periodic table on Google Play. A new way to learn chemistry.

Chemistry is the science of substances, their properties, structure and transformations resulting from chemical reactions, as well as the laws that govern these transformations.

All substances are made up of atoms, capable of forming molecules due to their chemical bonds. Chemistry deals mainly with these interactions at the atomic and molecular level, that is, at the level of chemical elements and their compounds.

The periodic system of chemical elements (Mendeleev’s periodic table) is a classification of chemical elements that establishes the dependence of various properties of the elements on the charge of the atomic nucleus. The system is a graphical representation of the periodic law established by Russian chemist Dmitry Mendeleev in 1869. Its initial version was developed in 1869-1871 and established that the properties of elements depended on their atomic mass.

Mendeleev’s Periodic Table is an interactive app that will help you discover how the world around you works. The periodic table on your smartphone will help you quickly learn all the information you need about chemical elements and use it for an exam, a lab or just a chemistry lesson. It is suitable for schoolchildren who are just starting to study chemistry as well as for students of chemistry departments or specialists in the chemical industry.

Our periodic table has a long-lived shape, adopted around the world by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC). In this form, the table consists of 18 groups and currently has 118 chemical elements.

The elements are divided into 10 categories:

• Non-metals
• Noble gases (inert gases)
•Alkali metals
• Alkaline earth metals
• Metalloids (semi-metals)
• Post-transition metals
• Transition metals
•Lanthanides (lanthanoids)
• Actinides (Actinoids)

Our table contains a huge amount of information about each chemical element and presents the atomic, thermodynamic, electromagnetic, nuclear properties, physical properties and reactivity of each element. In addition, an animated electronic layer diagram is displayed for each element. The app allows you to quickly search and find a particular item by symbol, name or atomic number.

In addition to all of the above, the paid package contains some cool stuff like:

1. A photo of an element that shows what a chemical element looks like in real conditions or in a laboratory.

2. A list of the isotopes of the elements and their respective properties. An isotope is an atom of a chemical element that differs from another atom of the same element by its atomic weight.

3. The table of solubility of salts, acids and bases, essential for the study of chemistry. Solubility is the ability of a substance to form homogeneous systems with other substances – solutions in which the substance remains in the form of individual atoms, ions, molecules, or particles. It is used to check the reaction conditions. Since the formation of a precipitate (irreversibility of the reaction) is one of the prerequisites for the reaction, the solubility table will help to check whether a precipitate is formed and thus determine whether the reaction is occurring or not.

4. A molar calculator to calculate the molar mass of a chemical compound made up of a set of chemical elements.

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6. Table view with 4x zoom

Discover the fascinating and mysterious world of chemistry through our app, and you will learn many interesting answers to the questions you may ask yourself while studying a science as interesting as chemistry.

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