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Periodic Table 2021 PRO – Chemistry v0.2.118 (Paid) APK

Chemistry is one of the most important sciences and one of the main subjects of study in school.
This study begins with the Periodic Table (Mendeleev’s Table).
The approach to learning with interactive teaching materials is more effective than the classical method in that it uses technologies which nowadays have become very familiar to our modern students.

The Periodic Table is a free application that runs on Android and displays on the user interface upon start-up. This Table is the long form approved by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC).

Differences between PRO version and FREE version:

- More interactive tables
- Continuous addition of new information in the application
- More additional information to learn more about Chemical Elements:
- Electrical conductivity
- Electric category
- Magnetic category
- Magnetic susceptibility in bulk
- Specific magnetic susceptibility
- Crystal structure
- Point of Superconductivity
- Item color
- Density
- Refractive index
- Coefficient of thermal conductivity
- Electronegativity
- Valencia
- Radioactivity
- Half-life of radioactive elements
- Molar volume
- And much more

◈◈◈Copying, distribution and modification of the application – Periodic Table PRO, is prohibited without the permission of the developer. Actions without the consent of the developer are illegal and bear criminal, administrative and civil liability.◈◈◈


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