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PerfectShot Unlimited v2.1.3 (Full Paid) APK

PerfectShot is a camera app that emphasizes features that will help you enhance your photos before they’re taken rather than after. By making use of features provided by the latest Android API development and hardware, PerfectShot helps you eliminate the chances of imperfect shots and improve the efficiency of controls so you can take better images and be sound-ready when. the precious moment is coming.

The main features are as follows:

★ Intelligent AF system not only make sure that every frame is in focus, but also don’t get in the way when you need a quick response to capture a precious moment.

★ Sustained Gyroscope vibration detection mode eliminates handshake blurry photo opportunities.

★Video recording with instant update of settings. This means you can manipulate all camera settings while video recording is in progress! Zoom, exposure compensation, white balance, color effects are changeable during video recording.

★ Allows you to select AF & AE metering area, separately!
We are sure all photographers know the meaning of “separately” here, it means you can focus on one thing, but measuring exposure on another, thus gives you great flexibility on how you present the subject. of your photo. Traditionally this is done by AE lock on DSLRs, but please come find out what it should be done on a smart phone!
Please note that these are not supported by all devices. Most of the modern high-end devices we tested are thin (eg Nexus series, HTC, LG …), but the Samsung Galaxy series works and some models from other manufacturers do not support AE setting. measurement area, so cannot use this function.

★ AF & AE region selections are assisted by AR technology which can lock the area selection on the screen with the object to which it is attached. Normally, once you move the camera to adjust the composition, you should select focus and metering area again, but with PerfectShot you don’t have to, all area selections will stay with the object while you are moving. move to redial.

★Virtual horizon guide lines with pitch angle display. With the help of the gyroscope, the virtual horizon in PerfectShot is fast and precise. Its fineness is 1000 times better than those who use the accelerometer made on other applications.

★ Extreme optimization on the code brings tiny size of APKs as well as tiny memory footprint. This allows PerfectShot to be launched quickly. Some users even report that it launches faster than the system camera app.

★ Customized user interface let you complete most operations with one touch. It allows you to change device settings quickly and accurately.

★Compatible with the intention system camera. You can use PerfectShot to take photos for other applications, and on the ICS system, you can launch PerfectShot lock screen.

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