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Pencil Sketch – Sketch Photo Maker & Photo Editor v3.0 (Pro) Apk

Pencil Sketch – Sketch Photo Maker & Photo Editor is a popular photo editing tool for those who want to edit photos as pencil sketch. It contains awesome features like photo sketch, photo editor, etc. The photo editor includes four additional subcategories: PIP Camera, Photo Collage, Photo Album, and Photo Effect. So you don’t need to install many apps for different effects. This app contains all editing tools including text, photos, stickers and many other cool things. You can even add different font types and sizes to the text. So download this free photo editor app and highlight your photos.

Features of Pencil Sketch – Sketch Photo Maker & Photo Editor app:

# Best and most user-friendly photo sketch app
# Perfect pencil sketch editor
#Cut images and rotation options
# Lots of drawings in picture sketch
# Pip camera to adjust background and foreground
#Select multiple images and create photo collage
# Hearts, stars, squares, rectangles and other types of frames are available for collage photography
# To make an album, you can use up to 9 images
#You can add text and change its color and font styles
# You can also get more emojis and stickers
# Use a Bokeh effect to change the background
#Filter tool to adjust background color
# Versatile pixel effect styles
# Users can increase and decrease pixel effects in burst effects

After downloading this “Pencil Sketch – Sketch Photo Maker & Photo Editor” app, you can see the homepage has three sections:
# Photographic sketch
#Photo editor
# My pictures

Photo sketch:
Click on the Sketch Photo part, you will be asked to add a photo here. You can take a photo with your camera or choose a photo from the gallery. You will then be directed to the photo editor after choosing an image. And You can crop your selected image in the following frame.

Here, many size ratios are available, such as 3:4, 4:3, 9:16, 16:9, 5:7, square, square circle, etc. You can choose one of the reports or use a “free” report. Photo rotation options are placed at the top, use them if needed. Then click next. And, in the next frame, you will see different styles. From below choose any theme of your choice. It also provides the option to adjust the brightness of the sketch. Tap the Done button located in the upper right corner after choosing the design and brightness level. The photo will be saved automatically. You can see the edited image here. You can also add it to your favourites, delete it or share it with your friends.

Photo editor:
The second “Photo Editor” section has four sub-parts:
# PIP Camera
# Photo Collage
#Photo album
# Photo effect

The procedure is similar for all tools in Pencil Sketch – Sketch Photo Maker & Photo Editor. You can set image as background and foreground in PIP camera and adjust it. You can also add effects. The section on photo collage has different themes. You can choose up to six images to create a photo-collage. You can also add text, stickers and image overlay. The “Photo Scrapbook” allows you to create a collage of 1 to 9 photos. The other four subcategories are included in the “Photo Effect” part which are bokeh effect, color effect, pixel effect and burst effect. This category included other photo editing styles such as large collection of photo frames, burst effect density, etc.

My pictures:
Two tabs appear at the top of the screen: My Photos and Favorites. My Photos contains all the photos you have edited. If you have added favorite photos, you can see them in the Favorites section. You can see the Delete button in the upper right corner, which is useful if you want to delete all creations.

Pencil Sketch – Sketch Photo Maker & Photo Editor is the best drawing app you have ever found in the market. So, download this free pencil sketch app and give us your reviews and ratings.


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