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PDF Speaker & PDF Reader v1.1.8 (Premium) APK

All-in-one application to manage your PDF documents

PDF Reader Viewer: PDF Speaker is an efficient PDF app for Android to read aloud and translate PDF files in any language with PDF voice reader and PDF translation tools.

Are you looking for a safe and fast PDF viewer for Android and all PDF reader apps?

One such PDF application optimized to interact with PDF documents. It will effectively enhance your reading experience with PDF Viewer Lite app. You can easily open, view and read PDF files in one place. PDF Reader for Android has an ideal interface for its users to manage PDF files without any complications. Whether you are looking for an e-book reader or a standard PDF file reader, this is a high-quality PDF viewer reader for you.

Get a personalized PDF app experience beyond viewing and reading

Advanced PDF speaker functionality is provided in the PDF reader to audio application. Hear PDF out loud using PDF voice reader app. Multiple languages ​​are supported by offline PDF audio player. The PDF to speech app automatically extracts all PDF files from your device and reads them aloud without an internet connection. Simply select the desired file/book or specific text. eBook speaker and PDF reader voice is ready for you.

Translate PDF text to speech in any language you want

PDF Viewer app allows you to translate your desired PDF text to any language. PDF translator app has more than fifty languages ​​for your ease. Select text and convert it to another language in seconds.

PDF Reader Viewer Key Feature: PDF Speaker App

 A well optimized PDF application to open and read PDF files. Moreover, you can also share documents with others.
 PDF Voice Reader for Android – PDF to speech allows to read aloud books and other documents without internet connection. Even you can change voice and control reading speed to listen to text.
 PDF Audio Player for Android supports multiple languages ​​for your ease.
 Translate PDF text to another language and listen out loud without interruption using PDF translator tool.
 All PDF Viewer Lite has web search and dictionary tools to find more information about any word.
 You can also add notes while reading or listening to text.

Note: To use the web search and dictionary functions, an Internet connection is required.

Enable/disable the following features

 Brightness control tool
 Horizontal/vertical scrolling
 Tilt for brightness and tilt to move the page
 Dark mode / blue light
 Highlight reading text

User Guide for PDF Reader Voice App – PDF to Speech

• Open PDF document reader / PDF viewer for Android
• All PDF files are listed
• Open the desired document
• You can read aloud the entire PDF document or select the text you want to listen to using PDF voice reader
• PDF audio player lets you add notes while listening to text.
• Use several other features and enjoy the app

PDF Reader text to Speech & PDF viewer Read PDF documents

An all-in-one PDF app for Android to personalize your documents. Pdf reader for android and pdf viewer app can open and view pdf files. When using PDF voice reader and PDF speaker reader functions, listen to PDF files without any problem.


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