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ParKing Premium: Find my car – Automatic v6.5.1p (Full) (Paid) APK

Do you always forget where you parked? Are you wondering where is my car? Where did I park? Where have I parked? And Where is my car?
With ParKing, the parking king, this will never happen again!
This simple app is exactly the solution you need to locate your vehicle!

main Features!

One-Click Parking – Save a new parking reminder to a map with one click.
Parking history – History of your old parking spaces.
Auto Parking – Automatic parking detection using your car’s bluetooth device.
Personalized zones – Personalized zones without Automatic Parking notifications (eg home, office).
Parking Reminder / Timer – Reminder of parking time to avoid fines.
Navigation – Several options for navigating to your car.
Indoor / Underground Parking – Add photo or note to your parking lot for indoor / underground parking spaces. Even without GPS!
Compatibility with tablets – ParKing app for Android tablets.
Compatibility with smartwatches – ParKing app for Android smartwatches.
Widget – Beautiful widget on the home screen.

Try ParKing now!

Automatic parking

With automatic parking, you don’t need to manually register your parking space.
ParKing will do it for you automatically!
When you activate automatic parking, ParKing detects when your mobile disconnects from your car’s Bluetooth device and automatically registers your parking space.
ParKing saves your battery and does not need to be running in the background to detect parking.

Custom areas

If you park several times at the same place, for example at home or in the office,
ParKing allows you to define zones where you will not receive automatic parking notifications.
ParKing will register your parking space silently.
You will only be notified when you park in a new location.

Time reminder

If your parking time is limited, you can add a time reminder.
You will be notified when your parking time is about to end.


ParKing offers several options to navigate to your car:
– Use your favorite navigation app to find your car – Google Maps, Waze, etc.
– Use an integrated map with a marker of your parking spot.
-And Use a built-in compass to locate your car.

Indoor / underground parking

If you park your car indoors or underground, the GPS signal may not be available.
In this case, you can add a photo or a text note to help you find your car.

Where’s my car? Find my car? Where did I park? And Where have I parked? Car locator?
ParKing has the answer for you!

What’s New?

❌ Option to exclude auto park zones from history
🗺 Increased radius for no auto park zones
📱 Android 11 fixes
⚙️ Performance improvements
🐞 Bug fixes

♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠ ♠

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