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PaperSpan – Read Later Offline v4.8 (Premium) APK

Your articles ready to read or listen to – while you wait, cook on foot anytime.

No Ads No Suggestions – Save articles that interest you and the app should help you finish reading them. Comfortably.

Carefully designed sorting and search filters to easily select the item you need.
Pick a category that matches your mood. Interested in health articles now? Choose Health. You don’t need to assign the category in advance, the app does it for you.
Resume your pending reads by only opening unread articles. Short waiting time? Choose these short articles based on reading time.

Record from your desktop iPhone iPad or Android. Read them in a clean, easy-to-read format for comfortable, focused reading.

Read, listen or manage these articles even if your device is offline. The app will sync automatically when your device is back online.

Highlight these important phrases as you read. Keep the essentials of your reading and refer whenever you need.

Love the Kindle reading experience? Send articles to your Kindle device (or app) and read them at your own pace.

Search and sort to quickly find an item. Organize with folders. Adjust your reading settings with dark/light theme font brightness and more!

Choose items according to your current mood. Your articles already have their assigned category. Choose health or science-related articles if you’re in the mood to learn.

Capture the gist of an article you just read – your summary of the lessons you learned from an article. Keep the recording to replay at any time or share it in your notes app.

Hear stories while you cook or commute with in-app text-to-speech. Add them to your playlist and listen to them without interruption.
You don’t have to trade your productive time for your Web reading.

Get insights into your reading routine. You read the daily peak reading time categories you read on your popular sites and more to help you plan and improve your reading.

PaperSpan is here to support your web reading and productivity – to use the web for the better you.

Do you have something to say ? Do not hesitate to keep us informed! We’re always listening to your suggestions for improving PaperSpan!


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