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Panels – sidebar v1.376 (Pro) APK

Look no further – the most customizable sidebar on the market is already here!
Panels is a launcher on the edge of your screen, which provides quick access to your favorite apps, shortcuts, contacts, widgets and app drawer. No more scrolling through your launcher pages, contacts and settings, just slide the trigger. Increase your multitasking!

Unlike other sidebars in the market, Panels has lots of customization features. You can change the number of rows and columns and make the sidebar as big or as small as you want. You can also customize the position and colors of each panel.

Panel features

• Multitasking
– Works with any launcher
– Always on top on the edge of your screen
• Quick access to applications and shortcuts
– Gestures
– Widgets on the edge of your screen
• Application drawer from A to Z
– Contacts
– Notification Badges [Android O+]
• System settings shortcuts
– Adjustable number of items
– Customizable color schemes – background, text, icons
• Position – left, right and bottom
– Icon pack support
– Auto start on boot
• Blacklist
– Backup/Restore functionality
– Support for automation applications

Apps & Shortcuts – tap the edit button (✎) and add all apps or your favorite games to quickly access them from any other app and without navigating through your phone.

Widgets – add widgets to the sidebar and launch them with one touch.

Gestures – set one or more gestures to trigger panels

A to Z app drawer – with just one click, the A to Z app drawer is the fastest way to find an installed app.

Contacts – add your favorite contacts to the sidebar and access phone, sms, messaging apps, Whatsapp and Viber.

Position – place any sidebar panel on the left, right or bottom of your device

Accessibility shortcuts – this includes home, back, recent apps, power (Android L+), screenshot (Android P+), lock screen (Android P+) and a few others.

Notification badges – long press an app icon to preview available notifications.

Icon packs – download any icon pack from play store and apply all icons with one click or edit individual icons. You can also turn any photo from your gallery into an icon.

System settings shortcuts – access often-used system preferences with just one click and without searching through device settings.

Adjustable number of elements – change the position, number of rows and columns of elements and give the panels the look and feel you want.

Color schemes – you can customize each panel individually or all at once. Ability to load and save sidebar color presets.

This feature is required to determine the foreground application when using the blacklist. Accessibility shortcuts also require this service. No user data is used or collected.

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