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One Launcher – Clean, Simple v1.6 (Paid) APK

It is completely safe to use as no permission is required. There are no hidden tasks.
No matter how low-end your phone is, this launcher will work better.

how to use:
Show/Hide App Drawer: Swipe up/down on the home screen.
Uninstall an app: Long press the app icon, then select Uninstall from the popup menu (in the app drawer).
Add to Favorites: Long press on the app icon, then select Add to Favorites from the popup menu (in the app drawer).
Open Favorites: Click on the folder icon on the bottomshit.
Change the color of the bottom sheet/app drawer background: Select Theme Options from the menu, then Color.

What is a launcher?

Launcher is the name of the part of the Android user interface that allows users to customize the home screen (such as the phone desktop), launch mobile applications, make calls, and perform other tasks on Android devices (devices that use the Android mobile operating system). Launchers are built into Android, but there are many Launchers available for download in the Android Market.

Why use a launcher?

This flexibility in customization can give your device a new look and give you more control over different elements. The best way to personalize your Android phone is through the launcher. Launchers not only change the appearance of your smartphone, but also customize its behavior.

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