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Noteshelf – Note Taking Handwritten PDF Markup v4.28 (Paid) APK

With Noteshelf, you can take beautiful handwritten notes, type text, annotate PDFs, and create lists. You can then organize your notes into categories or groups. You can also save them and share them with your colleagues, friends and family!

Noteshelf is specially optimized for the latest Samsung tablets and Google Chromebooks and the latest Samsung smartphones.

Fluid writing

Experience natural writing in Noteshelf. It’s as easy and fluid as writing with pen and paper. You can choose from a range of pens, highlighters and nibs in different sizes. So, taking your best class or meeting notes now becomes an activity as colorful as it is fun!


You will never miss paper and pen again! We support a wide variety of styli for you to take beautiful handwritten notes. We also support the quick erase option with the Samsung S stylus button!

PDF tagging, document and image annotation

Marking and annotating PDFs has never been easier! Easily import PDFs or images into Noteshelf. You can edit or correct homework or school grades, fill out forms or sign documents. You can also highlight and underline information or write notes on your documents or images with ease!

Text boxes

Noteshelf also gives you the convenience of typography. You can choose from many styles and formatting options.

Record audio notes

Taking notes on the fly can be tricky at times, so record while you write! Add as many recordings as you want and play them back anytime, even if you’re taking handwritten notes. Ideal for recording lessons in your school notes and also for unscheduled work meetings.

Draw with automatic shapes

Squares, Circles or Triangles: Draw perfect geometric shapes with ease. Our automatic shape detection tool works its magic for you!

Search and convert handwritten notes / OCR

With handwriting recognition, you can search your handwritten notes and even convert them to text in 65 different languages. You can also search for text on scanned pages. Searching your notes is effortless!

Organize your notes

Create different notebooks for different uses. You can drag and drop notebooks with similar topics into groups. You can also use categories to separate personal notes from business notes. Improve the organization of your notes.


You can add pages to your bookmarks in Noteshelf for easy future reference. You can name or color your bookmarks and better organize your notes!


You can share your notes with coworkers, friends and family through email, Google Drive, Dropbox, and other supported cloud services.


We support automatic backup to Google Drive and Dropbox.

Evernote publication

You can post all of your notes to your Evernote account.

Noteshelf Club Exclusivity

Document templates specially designed to make your life easier – in classrooms, meetings, or even to improve your productivity, help you with your errands, your health or writing a journal!

Go ahead, get Noteshelf today, and start taking amazing handwritten notes!


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