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NFC Tag Reader v1.2.2 (Premium) APK

To use the NFC tag reader, you must meet the following conditions:
– Your device must support NFC hardware.
– NFC smart card or sticker.

Features of using NFC tag reader:

1. It is compatible with the most famous tags.
2. No internet connection required.
3. You can read and write below the performance type.
– Contact details
– Link content
– WiFi data
– Bluetooth data
– Email data
– Geolocation
– Launch the application
– Plane text

4. You can erase the previous data from the beacon.
5. You can copy data from one tag to another tag.
6. Store the data in a database for later use.

To use NFC Tag Reader, simply hold a tag or card against the back of your device to read it. NFC Reader allows you to copy the contents of the tag.

# Authorization required
1. Location authorization – To get WiFi and Bluetooth details
2. Read contact authorization – Get the contact details of the device.


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