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NFC Card Emulator Pro (Root) v8.1.4 (Full Paid) APK

A powerful and free nfc card simulator which can simulate various types of access cards, elevator cards, company or meal cards, school meal cards, library cards and other IC cards.


1 、 A phone with NFC
2 、 A rooted phone (Why Card Emulator needs root rights? Because to simulate a card, NFC Card Emulator needs to write the card id to the nfc configuration file, which requires root access)


1 、 Turn on the NFC
2 、 Open Card Emulator
3 、 Place the card against the back of the phone and after the card has been successfully scanned enter the name of the card then save it
4 、 By pressing the card simulation button, and after the simulation success, you can use the phone as if it was the card
5 、 When you simulate a card, make sure the nfc and screen are on

Phones supported under stock ROM

Xiaomi 、 HUAWEI 、 ONEPLUS 、 SONY 、 Samsung (s4 、 s5 、 note3) 、 google phones (Nexus and Pixel) 、 Meizu 、 LG 、 HTC 、 Nubia 、 Letv 、 Moto 、 Lenvo and more …

Phones not supported under stock ROM (but supported with unofficial ROM, like Aurora ROM …)
Samsung s6, s6e, s7, s7e, s8, s8 + etc

Supported watches

Huawei ……

Supported card id

Card Emulator can scan and simulate 4, 7 and 10 byte uids.

NFC chips supported

NXP and Broadcom

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