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Naptime – Boost your battery life over v8.4.1 (Pro) Apk

This is the real battery saver. No dumb placebo marketing shenanigans!

Naptime reduces your device’s power consumption when the screen is off by enabling Android’s built-in sleep power saving feature. Faster idling means less unnecessary energy consumption. By default, dozing can take a while for Naptime to speed up this process automatically for you.

It can also automatically turn off Wi-Fi, mobile data, location and Bluetooth as soon as doze off starts.

Experimental features like Android Auto Battery Saver, Aggressive Doz Timing, Aggressive Doz Scheduling, and Location Detection.
You now have profiles allowing you to load them on demand depending on your use and accessible from Quick Tiles.

Most of the features will work if you are not rooted, but to get the full experience you will need to root your device.


Q: Rootless mode?

To use Naptime’s features without Root, you need to grant it DUMP permission through ADB on your computer by running the following command:

adb -d shell pm grant com.franco.doze android.permission.DUMP

You must also grant the WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission:

adb -d shell pm grant com.franco.doze android. permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS

Once these two permissions have been granted, you will be able to use Naptime as you wish.
Q: I’m not getting notifications or my music streaming apps won’t work afterwards. screen off. Halp, please!
With “Aggressive finger”, sleep is forced after screening. Doze is currently the strongest battery saving mechanism on Android.

The following restrictions apply to your Doze mode apps:

🎋🎄🎞🧨🎆🎃🎈🌹 middot; Only high priority push notifications are sent;
🎄 middot; Access to the network is suspended;
🎞 middot; The system ignores wake-up locks;
🧨 middot; Standard AlarmManager alarms are deferred in the following maintenance window:
🎆 middot; The system does not perform Wi-Fi scans;
🎃 middot; The system does not allow synchronization adapters to run;
🎈 middot; The system does not allow the execution of JobScheduler;

Apps like Gmail, which use normal priority notifications, are delivered during the maintenance window or when your device wakes up. This behavior is standard and cannot be changed.

However, you can choose applications to avoid dozing off. Go to Settings -> Battery -> Over capacity -> Battery optimization -> All apps -> Your app -> Do not optimize

This will allow applications such as Spotify to be ignored and run in screen mode.

Q: What is the “Sensor app whitelist” feature?

🌹It works with the “Disable motion detection” feature and allows you to choose one from an app (sorry, Android only limits us to one app) to request sensor information even if you turn off motion detection .

For example, apps, such as Google Fit, can query the accelerometer or gyroscope to count your steps. <br />
Q: Why does my screen sometimes flash once after filtering?

🎈This can happen if you turn off motion sensors. The reason is simple, in order for the brightness and auto-rotate settings to work after filtering, they must be on / off (otherwise they will not work) and therefore they may blink (even if only for a few milliseconds).

Q: My fingerprint scanner does not work when I turn off sensor motion detection!

🎈Unfortunately, not all devices will work properly when deactivated. motion detection and, in the process, other sensors and features may no longer work. There is nothing I can do about it and your only option is to not use this setting enabled. There is also an odd compatibility with LG phones where the display does not even turn back on if this setting is enabled.


Mod information:

Premium / Paid Features Unlocked;
Experimental Labs Features Unlocked;
Permissions + Receivers + Providers + Unwanted Services disabled / removed;
Optimized, zip-aligned graphics and clean assets for fast loading;
Permissions / Services / Ad Providers removed from Android.manifest;
Ads links are removed and invokes overridden methods;
Disabled ad layout visibility;
Support tab removed entirely;
Google Play Store installation package check disabled;
Debug code removed;
Remove the default .source tag name from the corresponding java files;
AOSP compatible mode;
Analytics / Crashlytics / Firebase disabled;
Languages: multiple full languages;
CPU: universal architecture;
Display DPI: 160 dpi, 240 dpi, 320 dpi, 480 dpi, 640 dpi;
Original package signature changed;

This app is ad-free


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