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MyHeritage – Family tree, DNA & ancestry search v5.8.8 (Premium) APK

Hosts the sensational Deep Nostalgia ™ feature

Building your family tree is child’s play – MyHeritage puts your family history at your fingertips!

Do genealogical research, explore your family history and access the national archives. Join our community of 80 million users and create your family tree in an easy and intuitive way.

Explore your roots, rediscover family ties and make amazing discoveries! Join our community of 80 million users and create your family tree in an easy and intuitive way.

Building your family tree

Start building your family tree on the MyHeritage app by entering the names of your parents, grandparents and other family members. Uncover the precious stories of your ancestors by creating a family tree to share and keep for future generations.

Trace your family history safely with award-winning MyHeritage products. Synchronize between different platforms and take captivating journeys to your past, wherever you are.

Make instant discoveries about your family

With over 4.4 billion profiles created by our users, MyHeritage can easily compare your information with that of others to provide you with relevant new information about your ancestors. Discover new family ties and enrich your family history with:

✔ Smart Matches ™: Our unique technology that compares profiles between family trees to help you find new family ties.

✔ Record Matches ™: A powerful tool that compares archival documents from around the world with the information in your tree, and gives you all the information that can help you move forward in building your family tree.

Find people and archives with SuperSearch ™

SuperSearch ™ is MyHeritage’s advanced search engine for finding people and historical records. Use SuperSearch ™ to find people and search over 13 billion archival documents. The archives include civil status certificates (birth, marriage, death certificates); military service registers, old newspapers, census registers, criminal records, adoption records, directories, obituaries, cemetery inventories, and more. Find your ancestors, extract key items from archives, and add them to their profiles in your family tree.

Add and share your photos to enrich your family site

Capture and share your family memories, from old anecdotes to recent events in your life. Keep your family albums with the MyHeritage app and remember the best moments. Bring your genealogy to life by telling stories enriched with images that can be easily published for the happiness of the whole family.

Genealogy enriched by different platforms

MyHeritage is a genealogical experience accessible through different platforms. Log in to the MyHeritage app and sync your family tree and photos from your tablet, family site, or from Family Tree Builder – MyHeritage’s genealogy software for the desktop.

Reveal your family history. Install the MyHeritage app now.

What’s New?

Animate the faces in your family photos with Deep Nostalgia™, and create a short video animation that will feel like your family history is being reenacted before your eyes.

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