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My tasks Task scheduler v5.6.0 (Pro) APK

. The “My Tasks” planner will become an indispensable assistant for users of all ages and social status. From teenager to retiree, schoolboy to principal, this program is ready to support you with the most stressful schedule.

The must-have combination of Calendar, Organizer, Planner, Notebook and Reminder makes the “My Tasks” Planner a unique and highly requested application. Over 2 million people around the world make all their plans, goals and to-do lists using this simple and convenient planner while finding time for relaxation and privacy.

The “My Tasks” planner has a convenient interface that helps you control both the current day and the entire work week. The main screen of the app is specially designed in the form of a working week (Mon – Sun), where it is easy to schedule task lists and move the scheduled tasks to a more suitable time.

Key features of the application

– plan the tasks of the day
– make the list of tasks for a current week
– plan repetitive tasks
– postponement of a task list
– copy of the task list
– sending of the task list
– transfer of current grades
– create a note / reminders
– control of personal efficiency
– voice capture
– search
– label the priority color
– notification without internet connection
– synchronization
-pro-version, advanced settings

Progression scale:

When you open the day, a list of tasks, objectives with a progress scale for their implementation appears. The progress scale will show how close you are to completing the tasks. It will also show the most productive days. In a week of using this planner, you will define your productivity and think about a better organization of your time.

Reminder of events:

The “My Tasks” planner will always remind you of both business and personal events and you will never miss any detail of your to-do list. It will help you stay ahead of the curve. Set the alarm (in app) to the time that suits you need 5 minutes or 3 days before the event and the reminder will send you a notification in time.

Smart calendar:

In the calendar you will find a separate number on the date. The figure can be in three different colors: green, yellow and red. These numbers show how many tasks are scheduled for that date and the color shows the progress of completing those tasks.

“General tasks” – notes in the notebook

This section will be useful for people who need to take notes, write thoughts, plans, ideas in a notebook with no day and time reference. If there is a need to transfer notes to the main section of the “My Tasks” application, you can easily do so using the “Forward” function.

Badge with reminders:

There is a badge (the number in the top conner) on the app icon that reminds you how many tasks are left for the current day. This feature will keep you informed of your productivity and remind you if you have time to complete all scheduled tasks. This badge will spare you the need to open the app every time to check for canceled tasks.



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