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Music Zen – Relaxing Sounds v1.11 (Premium) APK

Music Zen – Relaxing Sounds v1.11 (Premium) APK




Welcome to Music Zen your personalized guru into all things calm. Get ready to de-stress with the relaxation app that’s filled with professionally devised exercises games and meditations. Each is designed to guide you into a more balanced lifestyle through relaxing sounds imagery and everything that champions good health.

This relaxing app caters its practices to you. It guides you through the negative emotions you’re feeling and presents a range of strategies to effectively alleviate them. From combating insomnia with deep sleep and battling anxiety with breathing exercises through to inspiring zen with nature sounds and rain noise this app delivers instant relief.

Discover a rich collection of guided meditations devised recorded and led by professional practitioners. Each of these guided meditations has a predefined objective suited to your relaxation needs.

Explore a vast range of soothing nature sounds & scenes calming natural noises and mesmerizing animations designed to calm. Drift off to white noise or fall under the spell of rain sounds and relaxing music. Each of these unique living images conjures serenity in a style that’s always engaging and soothing. Think of it as a visual ASMR with even more relaxing sounds and sights. Due to this Music Zen also functions as a sleep app allowing you to drift off to the calming sounds produced. Doing so should promote anxiety relief stress relief and foster balance to ward off insomnia. After all deep sleep sounds good doesn’t it?

Dive into a rich collection of calming games designed to inspire peace and alleviate stress with fluid gameplay and relaxing sounds. Each of these calming games caters to a wide variety of issues featuring a unique blend of soothing sounds relaxing music and gameplay to inspire balance instantly. Finding the right relaxing game for you is as easy as enjoying playing one.

Say goodbye to every other health app and say hello to the relaxation app that does it all. Get lost in white noise nature sounds and relaxation as you drift away from your problems thanks to this calming apps beautiful wealth of specially designed features.


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