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Mushaf v2.9.7 (AdFree) APK

مصحف (Unlocked) APK

The Quran App is a simple, simple and free application for reciting the Quran, an electronic Quran with unique characteristics (reading, listening, memorizing children, interpreting).

Features of this program include:

– The built-in app is a paper copy of the Quran, and the explanation is easy, so you don’t need internet to read.

– A sophisticated index including the arrangement of the Quran in the parts and another index of the wall. You can search both indexes

– There are many famous copies of Quranic manuscripts such as Medina, Mushrif Hafs al-Mulawi, Mushaaf and Rashwan

– The possibility of listening to the recitations of the Koran linked to several voices of novels (Hafs – Workshops – Qloun), and to download these recitations in one click.

– The possibility to search for a word or a text in the whole Quran or in a particular section

– The ability to easily share verses on body text or images cut from Quran paper

– Interpretation of the whole Quran with ten interpretations, such as the interpretation of Ibn Katheer, Saadi, Jalalain and others

– Meaning of the words of the Holy Quran

– Interpretation of the meaning of the Quran in English

– The expression of the Koran to Qasem Hamid Da’as

– Possibility of screen section between Quran and interpretation

– The possibility of quick navigation between pages of the Quran, scrolling or sound keys

– Easy way to save a reference on any page or page and follow your stamp, just drag the save bar as real Quran

– Possibility to choose to keep the screen on while reading

– Night reading ability.

– The ability to convert the Quran to text and increase the latitude

– the ability to listen to verses multiple times for memorization purposes, as well as the ability to submit and go back

– The ability to continue audio playback even when the program is closed

– Sound control by notification.

– The possibility of identifying one or more verses at the same time

– shading of the verse with recitation

– The program interface is available in Arabic and English

**appropriate authorizations (declarations)**

– The application needs internet to download the required content (recitations, interpretations and images of the pages of the Quran).
– The application needs the permission to write and read on the memory card to be able to store the required content (recitations, interpretations and images of the pages of the Quran).

Note: the program is still in development and new features are added in each version, God willing, and don’t forget to pray.


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