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MultiPro: GoPro ProTune Bluetooth Remote v1.4.1 (Paid) APK

Supported GoPros: Hero5, Hero5 session, Hero6, Hero7, Hero8, MAX

Limited Support *: Hero9
No support: Hero 4 and earlier

MultiPro allows you to control multiple GoPros at the same time and apply ProTune settings from your phone.

This app has several advantages over other GoPro apps:

Faster connection:
By using Bluetooth instead of Wifi, this app connects to your GoPros much faster.

Longer battery life:
Bluetooth (BLE = Bluetooth Low Energy) requires up to 90% less power than Wifi, therefore your battery will last longer.

Connect multiple cameras:
If you are using multiple GoPros at the same time, this app allows you to control them all without needing to switch or reconnect.

Remote Control ProTune Settings:
Remotely change important settings such as resolution, frames per second, white balance, shutter speed, maximum ISO sensitivity, image stabilization and EV compensation.

Save Presets:
Save your settings as presets to easily apply multiple configurations to all your cameras.

Quick settings:
Quickly set often changing settings such as “White Balance” or “Maximum ISO” for all cameras from the control screen with just one click.

Support FPV use:
When using a naked GoPro on your drone, MultiPro allows you to set relevant parameters like sharpness, color profile, video format, etc.

No LiveView:

Please note that it is not possible to get a live stream of the video using Bluetooth. Use the official GoPro app for this.

Only for taking videos:
It is not possible to change the ProTune settings for photos at this time.

* Limited Hero9 support:
At this point only start / stop recording, camera on / standby, fps change and resolution work. It is not possible to change other ProTune settings on the Hero9.

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