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Multi Calculator v1.7.9 (Premium) Apk

Multi Calculator is the best math and financial calculator app which contains several useful calculators and converters.
Try out these powerful computing capabilities and the intuitive and elegant app.
You can use Multi Calculator on Android Wear.

List of calculators included:

✓ Standard calculator

– Keep the functions of a pocket calculator and add mathematical operators to it
– Keep in memory the last calculations and view the history of your calculations when you want
– 15 digits can be entered and all numbers can be calculated
– Use the calculator on clothes connected to an Android system (G Watch, Gear Live, Moto 360, …)

✓ Currency converter

– Provided real-time currency exchange rates
– Once the exchange currency rate is loaded, you can use the offline currency converter. Before going abroad, update it.
– It is more intuitive to see the exchange rate with its abbreviation, name and country flag

✓ Interest calculator

– Provides a variety of interest calculation options: One-time savings, Regular savings, Simple interest, Accumulated interest, etc.
– Extends the calculation of the accumulation of interests. per month, per quarter, per semester and per year.
– If you want to know how to raise 100 million euros in 5 years, try the future version

✓ Birthday calculator

– Save your birthdays with a photo
– Provides a variety of date calculators
– View from day D or as number of days

✓ Discount calculator

– Calculate the reduction amount / discount percentage
– Calculate with an additional reduction

✓ Credit calculator

– Allows you to manage Level of expenditure / Fixed main expenditure / Over-payment
– Enter the interest frequency only
– Calculates all types of credit such as real estate, car …

✓ Unit converter

– Supports length, area, weight, volume, temperature, time, speed, pressure, force, work, angle, data and fuel

✓ Tip calculator

– Calculate the tip and divide the bill
– Separate the taxes from your bill and calculate the tip

✓ Health calculator

– Use the health calculator for a healthy body
– Calculate BMI (body mass index), PGP (percentage of body fat) and ideal weight on one screen
– Easy switch between metric and imperial systems

✓ VAT calculator

– Quick and easy VAT calculation

✓ Fuel savings calculator

– You can calculate your fuel savings, as well as the expected distance, consumption and cost

✓ Purchases calculator

– Make a shopping list and calculate the amount while shopping.

✓ Size converter

– Help you convert clothes / shoes / pants / shirt
/ bra / hat / ring in most countries
– Remember your height with memos

✓ Time calculator

– Help you calculate the time in year / week / day / hour / minute / second. (2 hours 5 minutes + 79 minutes =?)

✓ Unit price calculator

– Help to get the unit price of price and quantity
– You can also compare unit prices

✓ Number converter

– Provides conversion between binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal

Buy the premium version, you will no longer have ads and you will help us make a better app.

* If you encounter any problem with this App or incorrect wording, please contact us via:
* jeedoridori@gmail.com


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