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Muay Thai Fitness – Muay Thai At Home Workout 1.48 (Pro) APK

Muay Thai is a martial art that originated in Thailand and is considered a martial art with real combat characteristics.
Currently, Muay Thai is a famous martial art not only in Thailand but also known and practiced throughout the world. Muay Thai uses hands and fists like boxing, legs like karate and rotation and locks like Judo, Aikido … That is why Muay Thai is always trained by experts and professional martial arts athletes.

Muay Thai exercise to lose weight, tone the body

Muay Thai practice requires a lot of energy, each hour of Muay Thai practice can burn up to 1000 calories. So muay thai is an ideal option for people who want to lose weight. The practice of Muay Thai requires that you exercise the whole body with high intensity, so your body is active at the same time, providing balance, flexibility and abundant physique.

Train your willpower
Practicing Muay Thai not only helps you develop physically, but also trains the will of martial arts practitioners. Muay Thai requires high training pressure to help you practice each of the martial arts, pushing your limits.

Strengthen muscle strength, leg strength.
Muay Thai is a martial art that uses many feet in attack and defense. Therefore, Muay Thai will help you strengthen your feet.

The best martial arts for self defense
If you are looking to learn martial arts for self defense, Muay Thai is the most suitable martial art. The Muay Thai Fitness – Thai Boxers Trainer app has synthesized many forms of self defense, effective in real situations.


– Muay Thai plan from basic to advanced
– Record the progress of automatic training
– The graph tracks your weight trends.
– Customize your workout reminders
– Detailed instructions on video and 3D animation
– Lose weight with personal trainer
– The menu to increase the muscles.

What’s New?

Add Dark mode
Improve performance
Add Landscape Mode
Add video demo


Pro Features Unlocked

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