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Mstudio: Cut, Join, Mix, Convert, Video to Audio [Premium] APK


Mstudio is the most advanced and amazing music editor! It gives you enhanced control and professional audio editor features with MP3 cutter, MP3 player, MP3 merge, MP3 mixer, MP3 extractor, tempo change, pitch change, MP3 converter, the Mp3 Mutter, the MP3 transmitter, the MP3 splitter. It’s a music center that has all the features you ever need in one app.

MP3 Player the best sound quality player with the best interface, Mp3 Cutter to create ringtones, Mp3 Mixer to mix two audio tracks, Mp3 Merger to join endless audio tracks, Record audio with lots of sample rates and encoding variations, Convert format and bit-rate of your music files.

MP3 Player:

Easily browse and listen to music tracks by songs, albums, artists and folders. Music & Mp3 Player makes it easier for you to manage all your music files. The MP3 player has several styles of user interface while playing, gestures for changing tracks, and many other features that you want in your music player.

Mp3 Cutter:

Cut the best part of the music tracks and create some dan’s favorite sounds. you can use it for your mobile’s default ringtone, notification and alarm. And Mp3 Cutter includes the waveform of music tracks, the start and end points of the track, the total duration of a new creation, the 3-level zoom function, etc.

Mp3 Merger: M

erge as many songs as you can with Mp3 Merger. Just choose more than one song and create a single song without losing sound quality. You can merge the number N of tracks just in time. You can see the merging process on your screen with a percentage. Mp3 Merger can easily merge different types of ex music files. An MP3 file and other WAVE music.

MP3 Mixer:

Mix the sound of two MP3s to create a mashup or remix. the same format or any format of the songs can be remixed. You can also choose the duration of your mashup, for example, you can assign the duration of your mashup.

Video to Audio:

Convert any video to audio file in desired audio format. When converting to audio, choose your audio setting like sample rate, channel, bit rate etc. Enjoy the best audio quality in audio output.

Mp3 converter:

easily convert from one format to another. Mp3 Converter supports a large number of formats like – MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A encoder, etc. You can also choose the sample rate like 32Kbps, 64Kbps, 128Kbps, 192, etc. in mp3 converter.

Speed ​​changer:

choose audio from list, listen to audio preview, change audio tempo (speed), change audio pitch ratio. create the best sound for the status of the app.

Mute Audio:

Choose the audio duration range and mute that part of the audio in an instant.

Video Mute:

You can quickly mute or remove audio from video files using video mute by choosing some or all audio from video.

Audio Splitter:

Want to split any audio into two parts? Mstudio allows you to quickly split any audio file into two parts.

Audio Omitter:

You can remove or trim part of the audio. This operation allows you to cut out a part of the middle of an audio file.

Audio recorder:

high quality recordings with no time limit, choose different types of sample rates and encoding format, pause recording during incoming calls, mute phone while recording, edit the current recording using the height view.

Get the most advanced and professional audio editor with player, trimmer, merge, mixer, tag editor and see what you missed! Create the best song tracks, ringtone, play your best creation, create the best remixes, shorten music, change format and bit rate, and much more with this tool!

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