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Money Pro – Personal Finance & Expense Tracker v2.6.2 (Unlocked) Apk

Money Pro® brings your bills, budget and accounts together in one place to manage all your expenses. Money Pro is a great tool for managing personal finances, and even for business use. The app has been around since 2010 on iOS / Mac (over 2.5 million downloads worldwide) and is now available on Android / PC.


– Mark the days of the large calendar when your invoices are due.
– Plan your recurring invoices by choosing their frequency.
– A quick rescheduling option helps you manage invoices that are due.

Today View

– See bills due at a glance.
– Quickly validate transactions that actually occur.

Due invoice alerts

– A whole system of reminders alerts you of upcoming invoices.
– A quick rescheduling option helps you manage invoices that are due.


– Create budget postings (income and expenses), and specify budget ceilings for each posting.
– You can set budget ceilings for each period. Useful if you plan to cut spending over the months.
– Add your transactions one after the other and see the progress of each category and the general progress.
– Possibility of preparing your budgets by transferring the remainder of the current period to the following budget period.

Checkbook register

– Unlimited number of accounts in the same place (checking, savings, bank card, etc.).
– History of the evolution of the balance.
– Addition of photos of receipts.
– Recording of transactions and possibility of erasing them later (clocking).

Online banking (GOLD subscription)

– Log into your bank and download your data.

Importing bank statements

– Import your transaction history and keep your accounts always up to date (.ofx, .csv).
– Money Pro teaches you to classify your transactions and to detect the categories of transactions being imported.

Split transactions

– You can split an operation into multiple categories.

Details reports

– Revenue / Expenses
– Transactions
– Assets / liabilities (net worth)

Many customization options

– Customizable frequency is available for invoice planning.
– Adapt the income / expense categories and subcategories to your needs.
– Personalize accounts and categories with over 1,500 built-in icons.

Today Widget

– Enter on the fly without launching the app.

Multiple profiles

– Create multiple profiles and separate household and small business finance tracking.

Money Pro synchronization (PLUS * subscription)

– Track your spending with other users and across different devices (iOS, Android, Mac, Windows).


– Password protection
– Backups of your data
– Support for multiple currencies and automatic update of exchange rates.

Try Money Pro – a clear and comprehensive tool fornaging your finances.

* You can enjoy the Money Pro experience with the PLUS subscription (budget functions, more reports, themes, synchronization between iOS, Android, Mac, Windows devices).
If you are already using Money Pro (iPhone / iPad, Mac, Windows) with a PLUS or GOLD subscription, you can unlock the full functionality of Money Pro on Android WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

Terms of use and confidentiality
– http://ibearsoft.com/privacy.html
– http://ibearsoft.com/terms.html

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