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Money Lover Money Manager v7.4.0 (Premium) APK

Do you have your own financial goals? or have some problems? Do you need a tool to manage your finances?

You can always count on Money Lover: A simple but powerful tool for your daily life. It is a unique solution that will allow each person to solve any money related problem. Whether it’s to manage your expenses, create a budget or track your savings and bills. Money Lover is here to make life better and financially secure for you and your family.

Money Lover will simplify your life and make it easier. It works seamlessly across different platforms and devices, with free and premium versions.

This is why it has become an essential application for over 2 million people who got rid of their financial problems.

Easy access, anywhere, anytime.

Record or schedule your transactions on your phone, tablet or pc. Synchronization to all your other devices will be done automatically.

Manage your money wisely.

Plan a budget and stop unnecessary spending. Receive instant notification when you exceed a limit on a budget.

Create achievable savings goals and track them in real time. “A penny saved is a penny earned”

Know where your money is going.

Money Lover’s comprehensive system categories will make tracking your spending a snap. If the categories are not for you, you can design your own categories to meet your needs.

In addition, reports with intuitive graphics give you a detailed picture of your financial life.

Stay on top of your bills.

Money Lover manages and reminds you of your next bill to pay. Just schedule your not-yet-arrived expenses and be prepared for the rainy days.

Moreover :

– Loan / Loan follow-up and reminder.
– Travel mode for tourists and travelers.
– Back up and restore your data. Dropbox is supported.
– Share your wallet with your partner or members of your family.
– Dash-lock extension is supported.
– Beautiful icons for specific needs: baby care, sport, day care, shopping etc.

Benefits for PREMIUM users:

– Premium features work on all your devices. Buy once and save money.
– Unlimited budgets, savings and events. Unlock your powerful financial stewardship.
– Desktop web version.
– No more annoying ads.
– Credit card management. Sit back and relax, Money Lover will do it automatically for you.
– Transform your transaction into a printable e-invoice.

and many, many other things to discover …

Clarification for access permissions:

– Communication over the network (Internet access) makes it possible to retrieve the exchange rate and to synchronize the backup data and / or the common wallet.
– Social information (Read contact) is for suggesting “With” to tag your people in your contact list.
– Your location is intended to identify your location of the transaction.
– Storage (edit or delete content on your USB storage) is for creating and storing backup data in USB storage.
– Accessing system tools involves adding Home screen shortcuts and widgets.


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