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Mobile Guru: Antivirus, Booster and Phone Cleaner v1.2.2 (Pro) (Unlocked) APK

Are you tired of seeing your memory full and not being able to capture the important moments in your life? 🤯 Your phone crashing and virus infected without virus protection?

Has the performance of your smartphone, smooth and fast in the past, deteriorated to an unacceptable level? 😒 Then Mobile Guru Free Phone Cleaner is for you. 👍
🔥Mobile Guru is a very fast little Android app, which can help to significantly free up memory on your phone.

💡 Download the Mobile Guru app to take advantage of these features:

➀ Display of the number of active programs and the memory used
➁ Display of the amount of RAM used
➂ RAM optimization capacity
➃ Activation of energy saving mode (battery optimizer)
➄ Display of the temperature of the processor (or CPU)
➅ Ability to delete unused applications
➆ Possibility to clean the cache memory
➇ Delete temporary files
➈ Delete unwanted files

💡 Most Popular Features of Mobile Guru Cleaner 💡

🚀 Display of the amount of RAM used 🚀

You will find out how much memory your phone is using. Data is displayed as a percentage and amount of MB (GB) used relative to the total memory capacity.

🚀 Memory optimization capability 🚀

The battery will intelligently detect files that are slowing down the device. It only takes one click to start optimizing your smartphone.

🚀 Activation of energy saving mode 🚀

This battery optimizer mode reduces consumption by disabling background applications. This feature is particularly useful when the battery level is very low and you want to prioritize calls. There are three energy saving modes.

🚀 Processor temperature display 🚀

The application reads data from the processor and displays it in a simplified format providing indications of the status of the processor. With one click, you can also activate the cooling mode. It allows you to use processor resources sparingly and prevent the phone from overheating.

🚀 Delete temporary and unwanted files 🚀

Each time an application is launched, its temporary files accumulate in memory. They should ideally be deleted as soon as the application is closed. But that’s not always the case, and temporary files gradually fill up memory. Mobile Guru Free Cleaner

📱 will automatically detect temporary files and delete them.

☞ We have put the emphasis on 🔆 a particularly simple and straightforward interface 🔆, devoid of any unnecessary content. This little tool frees up your phone’s memory so that it can store your favorite videos 📹, photos 📷 and books 📚, and acts as a speed booster. The application itself takes up very little space.
☞ We made the app even more useful by enabling a processor temperature display feature. 🔥 A higher temperature indicates that some hungry apps are running in the background 🔥 After clearing the RAM, you will be able to follow the decrease in CPU temperature – how fast your device 🚀 will depend on it. 💡 Features of

Free Phone Cleaner & Mobile Guru Antivirus Protection 💡:

✅ The installer takes up little memory
✅ The interface is intuitive and flexible
✅ The 🔥Speedup🔥 tab (speed booster) shows how many apps are running and how much RAM they are using – you can optimize your device with one click (virus protection)

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

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